Super feed for cattle

A unique development of the State Farm's biotechnology department is the production of superfood for cattle.

Superfood is produced in two types:

  • Super feed for cows.
  • Super feed for bulls.

Consumption of superfeeds increases the rate of milk production in cows or weight gain in bulls. This will also give you a better chance of winning the Farm Frenzy tournament.

Superfood can be obtained from the Biotechnology Department in exchange for "State Farm coupons." To get 1 kg of superfood you need to give 1 "State Farm coupon and 0.1 gold coin.

The monetary part of the cost of superfood goes to the state budget.

There are a few important things to consider when exchanging coupons for superfood:

  • The maximum amount of superfood you can get in the Biotech Department is equal to the number of coupons you received from surrendering steers to the State Farm Nursery, divided by 5;
  • The superfeeding limit applies to the entire account;
  • Coupons received in any other way than from surrendering steers are not counted when calculating the limit;
  • The limit determines the total amount of superfeed for bulls and superfeed for cows. You can choose what kind of superfood to buy, and in what ratio.