Magic objects

Magic objects

In the magic items section it is possible to make a magic elixir or item.

The following types of elixirs and magic items can be made here:

  • Elixirs for clones.
  • Elixirs for fairy tale characters.
  • Elixirs for houses and fields.
  • Peacock Potions.
  • Magic items to build Architectural Wonders.
  • Elixirs and items for dragons.

Read more about the making of all the items below.

Elixirs for clones

To restore health, clones use health elixirs, which can be created in this section. Read more

For houses and fields

To increase the level of your home or reduce the time the fields are in a state of black vapor, use the elixirs available for creation in this section. Read more

For fairy tale characters

Fabulous characters can give you various artifacts to enhance special knowledge, but only in exchange for a special elixir. Read more

For chickens and peacocks

A variety of elixirs for birds can be made in this section. Read more

For dragons

Here you can create elixirs and artifacts for ancient reptiles. Read more

Magic plates

Basically, magic plates are used to create and repair Architectural Wonders and are created from precious stones. Read more