Elixirs for fairy tale characters

These elixirs can be exchanged with fairy tale characters for a variety of artifacts that increase the clones' special knowledge.

There are 5 kinds of fairy tale characters in the game and each of them needs a certain elixir.

Table. Correspondence of elixirs to fairy tale characters

Fairy-tale characterPotion
Muttering Head Muttering HeadWisdom elixir Wisdom elixir
Baba Yaga Baba YagaElixir of life Elixir of life
Squeaking driftwood Squeaking driftwoodStrength elixir Strength elixir
Ghoul GhoulHappiness elixir Happiness elixir
Koshchei KoshcheiEternity potion Eternity potion

To make any of these elixirs, we will need a set of certain resources.

Table. Cost of creating elixirs for fairy tale characters

Golden Gold0,4
Handful of nuts Handful of nuts114
Chanterelle Chanterelle57
Hop Hop26
Truffles Truffles16
Basket of mushrooms Basket of mushrooms11
Basket of berries Basket of berries6
Barrel of honey Barrel of honey4

In addition to this kit, one of the overseas ingredients will be required for the various elixirs.

Table. Required overseas ingredients for elixirs

Name of the ElixirAn overseas ingredient
Wisdom elixir Wisdom elixirRoot of youth Root of youth
Elixir of life Elixir of lifePhilosopher's stone Philosopher's stone
Strength elixir Strength elixirOlive branch Olive branch
Happiness elixir Happiness elixirExotic spice Exotic spice
Eternity potion Eternity potionFlower of Life Flower of Life

Total nominal value of the resources used for any of the elixirs: 3.193 gold (not including the gold needed for creation).