Weapons shop

Weapons shop

In the armory you can buy new weapons for tournaments, military service, guarding property, finding geocaches, or looting.

Note: Artillery can be commanded by a clone of at least "Peasant" social status, and a warship by a clone of at least "Philistine" social status. These two types of weapons are used only in training in the arena and in combat actions involving princely squads, bandit troops and cache thieves. They are not suitable for tournaments, guards or looting. Ships and cannons should be loaded only with Cannonballs to fire.

Only one type of firearm and edged weapon can be worn at a time. Artillery gun or ship refers to firearms.

Each weapon has two characteristics:

  • Durability (the number of blows or shots the weapon can take);
  • Damage (the minimum and maximum amount of health units an enemy will lose when hit/shot).

Artillery and navy have an additional characteristic - the base defense (how many percent of the damage to the clone's health the weapon will take).

Different types of firearms have different sizes of ammunition, which limits the number of rounds (projectiles) that can be taken into battle. You can buy ammunition in the Trade Guild, or if you have training as a gunsmith - to make your own from the right components. For guards, robberies and tournaments, salt ammunition is required, otherwise combat ammunition.

When the weapon's strength is completely consumed, it is considered incapacitated and must be replaced with a new one. If the account has a storage, you can set up automatic replacement of spent weapons (if there is a serviceable). Weapons will be replaced after the end of the battle, it is not possible during the battle.

Other weapons are available at Guns for Outlaws or at the Imported Weapons Auction. You can also visit the Arms Exchange, where used weapons are sold off the shelves.

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