Vest contents

Unloading vests allow a clone to take additional "health elixirs" with him to a tournament battle or duel, which the clone can consume if necessary during the battle. The vest can hold up to 5 bottles of "health elixir.

Filling of unloading vests is available on the page Trade → Armory - → Filling of vests. Only the vest removed from the clone can be filled. Elixirs from the vest cannot be taken back into the inventory, they can only be spent in battle.

You can create vests at sewing atelier principalities and settlements.

If during a tournament battle or a duel a clone's health drops below 10, he may have time to get the elixir from his vest and consume it. The elixir will restore health by +50. Clone may not have time to drink the elixir, then he can use his existing combat skill "Last Chance", and if it does not - will lose the battle by the standard rules.

The probability of successful use of the elixir:

  • 1st bottle: 80%
  • 2nd bottle: 70%
  • Bottle 3: 60%
  • Bottle 4: 50%
  • Bottle 5: 40%

You can set up automatic replenishment of elixirs in the vest before each battle. The setting will work for all clones on the account. The vests will automatically fill completely (that is, up to the amount of 5 elixirs in the vest). If the stock of elixirs in the clone's purse or in the vault is insufficient to fill it completely, it will not work.

The strength of the vest is 100 battles and is reduced only if the vest is triggered at least 1 time during the battle. You can buy or sell unloading vests at the Fair (both empty and with elixir). Their production is available in Principalities and Administrative units, if you have an Atelier enterprise.