Principality auction

The doors of a unique place in Clone Earth open before you. It's rare to see a mere onlooker here. This auction presents beautiful models of the created principalities, some of them have an initial level of development, and some - with huge hunting grounds and established infrastructure, residents, settlements, developed agriculture…

In these spacious auction halls, the biggest deals are made. Vendors here are princes, you won't see lower than the Baron, very often you can even meet emperors of the "oil era" or the "megalithic era".

If your intentions are serious, you are accustomed to value your time, and you have a weighty sack of gold, and your social status is no lower than "burgher" - you can choose and acquire your future empire.

Buying a finished principality is a serious time saver for its new owner, because a lot of work is done by the seller. Thus, having a mutual benefit, the buyer and seller can always find a compromise and a very profitable bargain for both parties.

Trade rules

The purchaser of the principality may be a clone of the social status of a "burgher" or higher.

The buyer acquires a principality along with a clone, the prince of that principality. After purchase, the purchaser has the option of renaming the purchased principality and prince according to the general rules.

The seller of a clone prince puts him up for sale by his other clone prince. These clones must meet the following requirements:

  • The social status of the selling prince (who creates the lot) must be "Baron" or higher.
  • The social status of the selling prince must be equal to or higher than that of the sold prince.
  • The wealth (score) of the selling prince must be equal to or higher than the "wealth" of the sold prince.
  • The prince to be sold must not be the Emperor;
  • The prince to be sold must not own any animals or chicken farms.

The prince-seller, depending on his social status, can put up for sale a different number of lots:

  • Baron" social status - not more than 1 lot at a time
  • Social status "Count" - no more than 2 lots at a time.
  • Social status "Emperor" - no more than 3 lots at a time.
  • Oil Age Emperor social status - no more than 4 lots at a time.

The initial bidding time for each lot is 15 days.

If there is more than 1 day before the end of the bidding on the lot, the first bid reduces the remaining bidding time to 1 day.

If there is less than 5 minutes to the end of bidding on a lot, a new bid extends the remaining bidding time by 5 minutes.

The minimum lot price is 400 gold coins.

The maximum step of the bids at the auction can not be more than 10 gold coins.

If after 15 days the lot is not sold, it will be removed from the auction. Perhaps the seller should reconsider his price, analyze the market, make some adjustments.

The purchased principality will be credited to the buyer's account within 5-10 minutes after the end of the auction.

Trading commissions

A commission of 1 gold coin is charged when you place an item for sale.

The seller is charged a commission of 20% of the sale price after the sale of the lot. The commission goes to the state and is paid to various gaming funds. Read more