Auction of fairy tale character offers

At the Storybook Auction, you can redeem the right to receive an offer from a Storybook Character.

Bids at the auction are made by the type of resource that a particular character needs (which you can give him for friendship).

If you are already friends with a fairy character, that is, you have given him some amount of resource (reserve), then the resource for the bet will be spent from this reserve.

If you do not have enough resource in reserve to make a bet, the missing amount will be consumed from the inventory or characteristics of the clone.

If your bid is outbid, the bid (units of resource or experience) will not go back into the inventory or clone's characteristics, but into the reserve.

You can find out which artifact the fairy tale character will award you when you win the auction by clicking on the image of the character. Such strategic information is not free; you will pay for it (depending on the character).

You can get this knowledge for a resource. Each character has a different type of resource.

Table. Correspondence of resources to the type of fairy tale character when bidding at the fairy tale auction

Muttering Head Muttering Head10 Камень stone
Squeaking driftwood Squeaking driftwood10 Древесина wood
Ghoul Ghoul5 Злаковые cereals
Koshchei Koshchei1 Железо iron
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga10 Опыт experience

The winning bid at the auction will be available to the buyer within 5-10 minutes after the end of bidding.

New bids appear on the auction every 15 minutes.