A brief overview of features

"Limited minds see limitedness only in others" (from the novel Martin Eden by Jack London).

Online strategy "Golden Clone" trains and sharpens calculus, systematic thinking and of course patience - the skills so necessary for any investor and entrepreneur. Our game helps you develop many useful skills and abilities, as well as gain experience in a wide variety of activities - from a simple worker to a majestic emperor, managing a huge network of infrastructure and subordinates.

Our clone world provides a lot of opportunities for development, both for a single game character and for the user's account. Each player can find his own activity to his liking.

Farming and agriculture

Dreaming of a profitable country house, a plot of land for agriculture - to cultivate fields and breed animals there? Your dreams are quite feasible and at the same time without huge costs, because our virtual world gives the opportunity to work the fields and grow up to 12 types of crops. And also the virtual lands are inhabited by a variety of animals for breeding: pigs, chickens, peacocks, cows and even dragons. Try to get the most out of farming by fine-tuning production cycles and building production chains.

Direction of activityRepresentative
Pig breedingSow
Dragon breedingDragon
Roosters with peacocksPeacocks
Breeding chickensChickens
Field processingFields

Real estate

Do you want to join the group of those in power and profit as a landowner? There are plenty of colorful and highly profitable structures in the clone lands. These are houses, cities, principalities, a variety of production facilities, luxurious palaces, architectural wonders, megalithic structures, amber dragon caves and many other structures!

Name of structureAppearance
MiraclesThe Great Sunflower


Your specialty is war and combat? Then you can try your luck in military affairs, developing combat characteristics of your characters and try to create your own great army, able to become famous for their feats of arms in the entire virtual world!


The backbone and heart of the Golden Clone economy is trade. The entire process of exchanging surplus production for gold and gold for the resource you lack is done through trading between players through convenient trading platforms and trading tools. At the commodity exchange you will not only a ringing coin, but also the honorary title of "Great Trader"!

Contests among merchants
Contests among merchants

This is just a small part of the business ventures your clone can dive into and master. The following section will touch on other aspects of the game in a little more detail, but still superficially, compared to the detailed descriptions in the user's manual.

Development in our world is very multi-faceted, and the choice of where to direct the vector of effort to progress personal account, it is solely up to you!