Game character

On your account you can create and pump tens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of clones and develop each of them individually. Imagine that a character with different professions and special skills brings you one tenth of a cent a day in profit - what would be the income if you have thousands of such characters?

Your character's page has a lot of detailed information about him. Switching between characters, all this information can be viewed, change artifacts and clothing, exchange game knowledge, as well as many other actions with the selected character.

Character page
Character page

There you can also find parameters such as:

  • combat gear;
  • tools;
  • inventory items;
  • features;
  • education;
  • combat skills;
  • professional knowledge;
  • a list of businesses where the character works;
  • real estate belonging to the character.

The player controls his characters by planning their actions over the long term. Micromanagement, based on increasing the participation of your clones in the various activities of Clone Earth, will allow you to get the most out of your assets. The amount of income depends, among other things, on the correctness of strategic calculations and foresight of the player.

List of clones
List of clones

Although you can have many characters, they are all quite easy to manage. This is achieved by automating many processes (buying weapons, buying tools, automatically repairing real estate or other structures, and more).

The development team does not sleep and through the development of the interface is constantly striving to reduce the player's participation in all mechanical and many monotonous actions, without reducing the profitability of the account as a whole. The only process that is always left to the users is to build a profitable development strategy.