Clones of the Craftsman social status and above can work in the Port.

Terms of employment

The clone does not need a working tool to work.

A clone can only hold one position at a given company. Work at the Port can be combined with work at other state enterprises (except the Meat Factory).

Craftsmen and clones of higher status begin their careers in Porto with the position of "Sailor". If you meet the requirements for a higher position, the clone will automatically be promoted to that position.

While working in this enterprise, the clone consumes one standard of endurance according to his social status. If a clone combines several jobs, the stamina consumption is summed up for all jobs. If a clone lacks the stamina to perform his duties, he will fail and thus will not receive pay and experience units. In this case, the strength of the tool is not consumed, and a reprimand is entered in the personal work book. If an employee is reprimanded for three consecutive days in a given position, he or she will be fired.

You may resign from the Port at any time of your choosing.

Amount of salary

All Port employees are paid on a daily basis at settlement time (after 00:00 GMT) in one part - additional bonus.

Also, your clone will be credited daily experience units, their number depends on the position held.

For detailed information on each position, see the company page (hover over the job title).

Additional bonus

Port employees may receive bonuses. The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of "Port Knowledge" a clone has. The more knowledge - the higher his bonus will be. If a clone has 0 knowledge or not enough knowledge to receive the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), the clone will not receive a bonus that day.

"Portland knowledge can be acquired in several ways:

  • By exchanging Experience, Judgment, or Charisma at the University for them. Read more
  • Taking advantage of magical artifacts from fairy tale characters. Read more

Warning. It is forbidden to manipulate artifacts in order to obtain bonus special knowledge without reducing the strength of artifacts in the scheduled time.

Every day, the state contributes to the Port's award fund:

  • 5% of all ticket fees on pleasure boat cruises.

At the end of each work day, the Port's accumulated bonus fund is paid out in four installments:

  • 8% of the fund to all sailors, in proportion to each clone's amount of Port Knowledge.
  • 55% of the fund to all senior sailors, in proportion to each clone's Port Knowledge.
  • 27% of the fund to all captains, in proportion to each clone's Port Knowledge.
  • 10% of the fund to all managers, in proportion to each clone's Portland Knowledge.

Number of jobs and promotions

Each position has a different number of job openings. This amount is calculated according to the following rules:

  • There is no limit to the number of jobs for the position of a sailor.
  • The number of jobs for the Chief Seaman position increases with each new ship, according to the table below.
  • The number of manager jobs is limited to 5.
  • The number of captain jobs increases with each new ship, according to the table below.

Table. Effect of the number of pleasure ships on the addition of jobs in the port

Ship typeSenior sailorsCaptains
Pleasure boat+3+1
Pleasure boat+5+1
Cruise ship+10+1

As the number of recreational vessels decreases, the extra vacancies will be closed at the estimated time. At the same time, employees with a minimum amount of "Port Knowledge" will be reassigned to a lower position.

The re-calculation of courts, transfers from one position to another and the opening of new positions in higher positions takes place at settlement time (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, during the working day one or more of the already occupied positions may become vacant (if the clone resigns or is dismissed for other reasons). In this case, the company will display available seats.

Your clone must meet the following requirements in order to hold a higher position:

  • Have the necessary social status (or higher).
  • Have more "Portland Knowledge" than the worst employee in a superior position.

If these conditions are met, your clone will be promoted at the end of the day, and the clone who held it before will be moved down a notch.

A clone's higher social status does not increase the chance of being promoted to a higher position. It only determines the possibility of holding a particular position. Only the level of special knowledge affects the promotion.