General rules of employment

Welcome to the employment section of Clone Land State Enterprises. Working here is a great opportunity to get as many experience points as possible in a short time. Employees with a lot of specialized knowledge can count on good bonuses. Another distinguishing feature of state enterprises is career advancement: you can go from a simple worker to a manager.

Employment and combination of jobs

State enterprises provide a huge number of jobs for your clones. Some businesses may even employ vagrants.

There are different types of businesses and positions, with different requirements for employment:

  • Availability of a working tool.
  • The presence of specialized education.
  • The presence of a minimum performance threshold.
  • Having a minimum number of characteristics that will be spent on employment.

To start working at the company of your choice, open the list: "Select the company you want and click on its name to open the list of available positions. By hovering over the job title, you can find out what the requirements are for the candidate for this job.

Some of the positions are replaceable: the worst worker can be displaced by a more qualified applicant. Removal from some positions is not possible, but a clone can be dismissed for other reasons: lack of tools or stamina, failure to meet minimum characteristics.

If you lack units of experience, judgment, charisma or special knowledge, you can get them at the University by exchanging them for each other. Read more

Note that special knowledge cannot be exchanged back for experience, judgment, or charisma.

Practicing the Intent trait in the Refectory and/or the University will increase the clone's level of almost all special knowledge. Read more

Often, tools are needed in the enterprise for a job in the specialty. To purchase it, just click on the tool icon and confirm the purchase, or go to the Toolbox. There, if you do not want or do not have the ability to monitor the condition of the tool, you can also set up automatic purchase, if its strength is exhausted.

Tool strength is spent based on the number of businesses with this particular tool requirement that your clone works for. For example: if employed by both the Fair and the Transport Company, the clone will spend 2 units of "Work Mittens" strength per day.

If there is a vacancy at the company and all the necessary characteristics of your clone meet the requirements for a candidate for the position, the button to the right of its name will be blue.

Work at state-owned enterprises can be combined with other occupations, in accordance with the following rules:

  • Work at one state-owned company may be combined with work at another state-owned company: except for any work at the Meat Factory.
  • Only one position can be held at one state-owned company: except where the company rules provide for such a possibility.
  • Work at state enterprises cannot be combined with work at private enterprises, real estate construction and/or gold mines in the settlements.

Almost all state-owned enterprises have the opportunity to move up the career ladder. The more special characteristics your clone has, the more chances he has to get a higher position. Higher position - higher income!

Warning. Working at each state enterprise requires an additional expenditure of one stamina consumption rate every 24 hours. One standard is equal to one endurance unit. Some positions require an increased expenditure of stamina, as will be additionally stated in the rules of each such enterprise.

Make sure you have enough stamina in your clone or in the Refectory. Also keep an eye on the availability of tools. In case your clone ceases to meet the mandatory requirements for this or that position, he will not receive a salary and experience (and will not spend a tool in the process). Instead, he will receive a reprimand with a record in his "work book. A clone who has been reprimanded for three consecutive days will be fired. If necessary, you will have to re-enter the workforce.

Salary, experience and length of service

As payment, workers may receive a daily wage, bonuses, and units of experience. Experience is an important characteristic that can be exchanged for judgment, charisma, or specialized knowledge.

Experience and other characteristics are very important for clones. Thanks to them, your clone can count on a more prestigious job or receive additional bonuses at companies. The better the characteristics and higher the social status, the more game opportunities are open to your clone.

When working for more than one company at the same time, the clone receives the sum of the salaries, bonuses, and characteristics from all positions.

For each clone there is a "Workbook", which will record all the events that happen to the clone at work: it indicates the dates of employment and dismissal, as well as the reprimands received and their reasons. Records can be filtered by date and type. The record of length of service is made for each enterprise.

Employee statistics

At each state enterprise, the tab "Rating" reflects the data for the past day: the sum of the wages and bonuses of the employee with the highest characteristics and the employee with the minimum characteristics. If your clone is employed by a given company, his performance will be reflected there as well, depending on his level of knowledge.

If you are only planning a job, this information will allow you to roughly understand what level of income your clone can count on, because you know its characteristics.