Working as a security guard


Do you want to use your military skills to help the residents of Clone Earth save their property (real estate or settlement coffers) from bandit raids?

Well... Very commendable desire, but you need to prepare.

Solitary robbers as well as gangs do not slumber in the Clone State. Every day they receive tips on the houses and settlements of wealthy citizens and try to steal the treasury accumulated there. The treasury is replenished daily through various subsidies, as well as dividends on the securities available in the account. The task of real estate and settlement guards is to prevent the robbery and keep the gold coins in the treasury for twenty-four hours. At the end of the day, the saved treasury is paid to the game account of the house or settlement owner. The guards are paid well for their work - in proportion to the amount of money in the treasury that they were able to protect.

Terms of employment

So, a clone can get a job at one of the places:

  • Work as a security guard at home.
  • Work as a vigilante in the settlement.
  • Service in the princely squadron.

All of these types of work can not be combined with each other. Also, they cannot be combined with activities such as:

To work in security, a clone must have the social status of "Craftsman" or higher. In addition, at the time of employment, at least 24 hours must have passed since the previous battle (in the role of robber or guard).

For employment you need to apply to the right house, settlement or principality. The property owner may approve or deny your application. Also, at any time he can fire an existing security guard and hire another one. Settlement owners and princes can enable automatic admission of candidates to the druzhina.

You, in turn, can also withdraw your application or resign from security at any time.

If necessary, the player can hire his own clones as guards. This is very easy to do on the pages:

  • "Investor" → "Real Estate" → "Safety and Security".
  • "Investor" → "Urban Planning" → "Defense".
  • "Investor" → "Principalities" → "Defense".

In order for your clone to appear in the "His Clones" candidate list, he must be wearing a weapon of any type (cold or firearms) and must not be registered in the tournament.

The better the military characteristics of your clone - the better his chances of employment!

Characteristics of a security guard

Reliable guards are valued - those who have sufficient knowledge of military affairs, and those who have military rank (the higher - the better).

Table. Characteristics of a security guard

Name of characteristic | What affects | How to increase | |:--|:-:||:-:| | Здоровье Health | Combat duration | + 20 units per day automatically (but no more than 100 units.), 1 elixir of health - up to 100 units at once | | Военные знания Knowledge of military science | Affects the accuracy of the shot / blow with a cold weapon (compared with the enemy) | +1 unit for inaccurate shot / blow with a cold weapon, +2 units for accurate shot / blow with a cold weapon, +0 units. for accurate/inaccurate fist blow (unarmed), training at the prince's arena, visiting the Great Warrior Complex, use of artifacts and jewelry accessories, drinking kvass drink | | Военная инициатива Military Initiative | Determines the chance to prevent robbery without noise and dust (without fighting or shooting), used in choosing the turn of firing | +1 unit. for robbery (whether successful or not), visiting Therms, service in the prince's squad, use of jewelry accessories, drinking kvass drink |

Note that the value of a clone's own military knowledge (basic knowledge) cannot be higher than 1,000,000 units. But a clone can temporarily have an amount of VZ greater than this value through the use of jewelry, magical artifacts, and the "intent" characteristic. Combat awards do not increase knowledge of military affairs more than 1 million units.

The accuracy of the shot/strike is determined by the ratio of the amount of ''military knowledge'' of both sides. Even if you have much more knowledge than your opponent, don't relax, you still have a chance to miss.

Military ranks

Having a guard of military rank additionally increases his knowledge of military affairs (only during combat) by a different coefficient.

Table. Effect of ranks on military knowledge in combat

TitleRatio (%)
Captain/Rotmister/Captain III rank4
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II rank5
Colonel/Captain First Rank6
Major General / Rear Admiral7
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral8
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Navy10

Effect of an additional protection system

Properties and settlements may have an additional system of protection built by their owners of black pearls. Such a system (provided it is built and repaired) will additionally increase the number of guards' military knowledge during combat by a certain factor. See the relevant Real Estate and City Planning help sections for details.

In the principalities there is no additional system of protection.

Accessories (jewelry that increases performance)

Combat jewelry can be produced in your own jewelry workshop. Read more

If you do not want to create your own jewelry, you can buy ready-made at the Fair. You can also sell your unwanted jewelry there.

Available product types:

  • Belt.
  • Baldric.
  • Diamond Vest.
  • The great warrior's ring (increase in Military Knowledge).
  • Ring of Courage (increase Military Initiative).

You can wear 1 item for each characteristic at a time (Belt, Harness, Vest), as well as up to 8 rings of any kind. The maximum duration of an item (in days) is equal to its strength. The item can be removed if necessary. The strength of an item is not diminished if it is simply in a bag or vault.

Belt, Harness, Diamond Vest: Increased characteristics affect the clone immediately after putting it on and as long as the item is on. If you remove the item (or if it expires), this bonus will be lost.

Rings: Characteristics, in the specified amount, accrue daily for the duration of wearing the ring and are retained by the clone forever.

Artifacts (magical items that increase characteristics)

On Clone Earth, there is another type of magical item that allows a clone to temporarily increase certain knowledge, including knowledge of martial arts. These artifacts: magic warrior's triangle, magic warrior's brooch, magic warrior's cloak, magic warrior's wand. Fairy-tale characters will help to get them. Read more

If you do not want to create artifacts yourself - you can buy ready-made at the Fair. You can also sell artifacts you don't need anymore.

Consumption of kvass drink

You can drink this wonderful drink in the Refectory. Read more

Drinking a bottle of kvass before combat will give a bonus (your choice): military knowledge (+10 units) or military initiative (+2 units). You can drink 1 to 3 bottles of kvass before each fight. It is possible to set the automatic consumption of kvass: in this case the clone will consume kvass before the next fight, immediately after the end of the previous one.

In addition, the properties of kvass can add one more unit of any special knowledge available to a clone: apart from such knowledge as "criminal authority", "thief's luck", "luck". Special knowledge is chosen at random.

The special knowledge gained in this way lasts forever.

In addition, when using kvass, the clone transforms his existing "Extra Kvass Bonus" knowledge units into "Military Knowledge" (in proportions of 1 to 1, but no more than 33 units). Bonus for 1 bottle of kvass drunk).

Combat skills

On the page "Character" → "Education" → "Combat skills" you can get additional combat skills, which, with a certain probability, can improve some characteristics in combat: reduce the damage you inflict, increase the accuracy of your blows and even restore some lost health. Read more

How many skills you can get depends on the amount of military knowledge you have. When you gain skills, the knowledge is not spent and continues to be used in battles, but the total amount of knowledge reserved for skills is summed up. For example, if you currently have 1500 units of military knowledge, you cannot learn two skills that require 1000 units of knowledge each - you can only learn one skill and get the other later, when the total knowledge of the clone increases.

Not all skills can be combined with each other.

Your opponent may also have some skills - do not forget about it.

Note that almost all skills work only in battles between guards and robber, in tournaments and duels, but do not work in battles with the common enemy (attacks of princely squads). The exception is the skill "Intelligent Sniper".

Look for more information in the help on "Character" → "Education" → "Combat Skills" page.


Thieves and invaders will not come empty-handed, but with cold and/or firearms, so arm yourself in advance!

You can buy any weapon in several places:

The following types of weapons are available on Clone Earth:

  • Cold (knuckles, awl, knife, bayonet, saber, yatagan, katana).
  • Firearms (pistol, fusée, musket, carbine, pair of pistols, AB 0614 machine gun, double barrel rifle, triple barrel rifle, sniper rifle).
  • Artillery (howitzer, regimental cannon, howitzer "unicorn").
  • Combat fleet (brig, corvette, battleship).
  • Dragons.

Only cold and firearms are used in security activities, as well as dragons - if they have a special amulet. All kinds of weapons are used in the service of the princely squadron. In addition, you may need different types of ammunition and projectiles.

Table. Use of Various Weapons in Protection

Characteristics / Type of WeaponColdFirearmsArtilleryBattle FleetDragons
Minimal clone statusCraftsman CraftsmanCraftsman CraftsmanPeasant PeasantPhilistine PhilistinePhilistine Philistine
Real estate security applications++ Salt cartridges required--+ if you have a dragon amulet (you can guard the Castle, in the cave where this reptile lives)
Application in the protection of settlements++ Salt cartridges required---
Application in the princely squad++ Live ammunition required+ Cannonballs required+ Cannonballs required+

You can have an unlimited number of weapons in the bag or in the vault, but you can wear only one type of firearm and a cold weapon at a time. In this case, an artillery gun or a battleship is equated with a firearm. Firearms (if ammunition and shells are available) have priority over cold weapons and will be used first.

Each weapon has two characteristics:

  • Strength - (the number of blows or shots the weapon can take).
  • Damage - (minimum and maximum amount of health units the enemy will lose when hit/shot).

Artillery and Navy have an additional characteristic:

  • Basic defense - the amount of percentage of the clone's health damage that the weapon will take.

Weapon Strength Consumption:

  • Each stab with a cold weapon reduces its toughness by 1 unit.
  • Each shot of a salt round from a firearm reduces its strength by 1 unit.
  • Each shot of a live round or projectile from a firearm reduces its strength by 10 units.

Different types of firearms have different sizes of ammunition, limiting the number of rounds you can take into battle. You can buy cartridges at the Trade Guild, or make your own. This can be done in the "Trade" → "Weapons Shop" → "Ammunition" if you have the education of a gunsmith and the necessary components. Salt cartridges are required for guarding houses and settlements, while combat cartridges are required for serving in the princely squadron.

If you do not have any weapon - you will strike with your fist: if you hit accurately, the opponent will be damaged from 5 to 10 units. Units of "Military Knowledge" are not awarded for such hits.

When a weapon is completely worn out, it must be replaced with a new one. If the account has a storage, you can set up automatic replacement of spent weapons (if there is a serviceable). Weapons will be replaced after the battle - this is not possible during the battle.

Protective leather clothing

You can wear one leather item - a jacket, vest or cape, which will reduce the damage dealt to you by charges or edged weapons.

Protective clothing can be made at the atelier of the settlement or the principality. Read more

You can buy leather clothing at the Fair.

Each thing has its own durability and degree of protection.

By how many units the garment will reduce the attack damage - by how many units its durability will be reduced.

Table. Effect of protective clothing on different types of weapons

Type of protective clothingFists and edged weaponsFirearms, salt chargesFirearms, live ammunition and cannonballsDragon fire
Leather vest Leather vest1-5%6-12%3-7%0%
Leather jacket Leather jacket5-10%15-25%7-13%0%
Leather raincoat Leather raincoat10-20%30-50%10-25%0%
Samurai Leather Cloak Samurai Leather Cloak10-40%30-80%10-50%0%
Leather cloak made of dragon scales Leather cloak made of dragon scales80-100%80-100%70-100%85-95%

Real estate security

Your goal is to keep the treasury of the guarded house during the day.

Only one guard can work in each house. Thieves also always come on their own.

Thieves can get a lead on a particular house. The tip specifies the size of the gold coins (treasury) they can steal.

A house may be subject to a certain number of robberies every 24 hours (but not less than one robbery):

N=L10N = \frac{L}{10}

  • NN - Maximum number of robberies in 24 hours;
  • LL - Level of development at home.

The fractional number of robberies is rounded according to the rules of mathematics. For example, a level 14 house can have 1 attack, while a level 15 house can have 2 attacks.

The beginning and the end of the 24-hour period do not coincide with the beginning and the end of the calendar day: the moment of the beginning of a new period is chosen arbitrarily for each house. Thus, in the current calendar day, the house can be attacked more, but they will belong to different 24-hour periods.

To be able to attack, thieves take with them gold coins in the amount of 50% of the treasury of the protected object.

If you successfully repel the attack, the guard will take away the gold of the unlucky thief and:

  • 20% - will give to the owner of the house;
  • 80% - will take for himself as a reward for his work.

In the case of a successful theft, the thief takes with him the entire accumulated treasury of the facility.

If the guard has a poorly developed "Military Initiative" characteristic, and the thief, on the contrary, has a well-developed "Thief's Luck" characteristic, then the latter has a very high chance to steal an object without being noticed. In this case, the robbery will go "without noise and dust. So don't forget to develop your characteristics!


In order to enter combat, a clone must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a health rating of at least 10 units.
  • Have an endurance rating of at least 0.

If at least one of these requirements is not met, the guard automatically loses the fight.

If a clone guard participates in a Tournament and a house is raided during a Tournament battle, the guard does not participate in the defense of the facility because he is busy in the Tournament.

A guard, just like a robber, can fight as long as his health is greater than or equal to 10 units. If the health index decreased below 10 - the participant is considered incapacitated and is out of the battle. The second party is declared the winner. If the guard has a special skill "Last Chance" and the opponent has little health left, he can still come out the winner in this fight.

In the presence of firearms, fire is fired from them first. A guard or thief fires a firearm as long as one of them is competent and as long as there is ammunition in the ammunition set and the strength of the weapon is greater than 0. With ninja skill and ammo, clones with edged weapons can also continue to fight against firearms until their ammo fires.

If there are no firearms or ammunition is used up, the guard or thief may use a cold weapon (or if there are none, fists), but only after the opponent also runs out of all his firearm ammunition.

Fighting with cold weapons or fists continues until one side wins.

Protection of settlements

Your goal is to save the treasury of a protected settlement within twenty-four hours.

The settlement is attacked by a gang of several thieves at once. The settlement guard also includes several guards. The maximum number of squad members depends on the type of settlement:

  • Manor: no more than 3 guards and no more than 3 robbers.
  • Village: no more than 10 guards and no more than 10 robbers.
  • City: no more than 25 guards and no more than 25 robbers.
  • Megapolis: no more than 50 guards and no more than 50 robbers.

Gangs of robbers can get a lead on a particular settlement. It specifies the number of gold coins (the size of the treasury) they can steal.

The beginning and the end of the 24-hour period do not coincide with the beginning and the end of the calendar day: the moment of beginning of a new period is chosen arbitrarily for each settlement. Thus, in the current calendar day settlement of any level of development can be subject to more attacks than 3, but they will belong to different 24-hour periods.

When committing an attack, each gang will carry a sum of money equal to 50% of the current size of the treasury it is trying to steal. If the druzhina successfully repelled the attack, these funds go as a ransom to the druzhinniki and the owner of the settlement.

The redemption is divided in the following proportions:

  • 20% is taken by the owner of the settlement.
  • 80% divided by all guards who participated in the battle, in proportion to the amount of military knowledge (taking into account the coefficient from the military rank, if there is one).

If the theft is successful, the thieves will take the entire accumulated treasury of the facility.

Robberies "without noise and dust" are not provided for here.

Fighting "druzhina vs. gang"

When a settlement is attacked, a battle ensues between a squad of guards and a band of thieves.

Fighting takes place by the general rules, with some peculiarities:

  • Combat participants attack in order of decreasing number of military initiative units, without taking into account the side (thieves or guards);
  • The shot/strike is made at a randomly selected opponent (unless there are combat skills that determine a different target selection);
  • If a clone fires several shots in a row (say, from a triple barrel), each of the shots is considered separate and is fired at a randomly selected opponent;
  • If one member of the squad does not have enough stamina or health, he does not take part in the battle;
  • A battle ends when one of the sides has no contestants with a health score of 10 or higher.