State Newspaper


Beginning with the "Craftsman" status, you have the opportunity to try on the role of a reporter for the State Newspaper. The choice of topic is entirely up to you, because here it is up to you to decide whether to write interesting topical articles, notes, poems, or fiction about the clone world.

Attention! At the moment the opportunity to work as a reporter in the newspaper is available only on the first server Метрополия "Metropolis".

You can discover yourself as a reporter by going to "Work" → "Journalism" → "Your Office". After you've written a note or article and submitted it for publication, it goes to the editorial board for review. Here, if necessary, the text can be edited by one of the editors. It is possible that the editor handling your article will contact you to discuss some of the details of your creation.

When the article is ready, it is submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, who makes the decision to publish. The editor-in-chief can also edit it at his discretion and then publish or reject it.

After a piece is approved by the Editor-in-Chief, it is published in the Clone Earth newspaper with the names of the author and editor of the article. At the end of his work, he gives a prize in gold coins to both the author and the editor of the article. The game accounts of the responsible editor and the author of the article are credited with the fee due to them. At the same time, the author and editor of the article are notified of its publication by game mail.

If you're interested in working at a newspaper, you like writing articles, your articles are loved and waited for by the people of the Clone Earth - then you will definitely be noticed and may be offered the position of editor.

The editor's job is to read, analyze, edit, and evaluate articles submitted by reporters and to find interesting topics for new articles. If an editor has an interesting idea for a topic during the day, he or she posts it on the Editor's Topic page. The suggested topics are not mandatory: the choice to work on them or not is left to the reporter.

The editor can also write articles himself and send them immediately to the Editor-in-Chief for review.

The Clone Age newspaper will evolve, but its development depends directly on the initiative and teamwork of reporters and editors.

Working on articles

Click the "Write Article" button to begin creating a new article. Don't forget to save the article you've written as well as any changes you've made to it. You can return to editing a draft of a saved article at any time. Once your article is ready, click "Publish Article" to send it to the editorial board. Next, the article lands on the desk of one of the editors. Before an editor has accepted an article for review, you can always withdraw it from the editorial board to make changes.

The editor will check the article and then may accept or reject it. If the article is rejected - check for a note, which may indicate the reason for rejection. In addition, the editor can make edits to the text of the article before rejecting it. To view these edits, click the appropriate button on the article page. The author can accept this edited version or go back to editing his own version if he wishes. The article can then be sent back to the editorial board.

Good article

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Helpful hints

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Formatting articles

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Frequently Asked Questions

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