Helpful hints

It was that first article that led to my brilliant results today. Now I can write anything - even a book. I know how to attract the reader to my lines! Try yourself, write, practice, because Clone World is your simulator!

A number of tips to help you be a great storyteller or writer:

Engage the reader from the first lines

Engage the listener from the first lines, immerse him in the atmosphere of what is happening - as briefly as possible, but at the same time intriguing:

Night, street, streetlight. (Alexander Bloch)

Note - short, clear and immediately immerses the reader into the atmosphere of what is happening.

Alaska, cold, piercing wind… A long line of gold diggers stretches to the foot of the mountain…

Techniques for Writing Pains, Dreams, and Objections

Use the technique of writing - Pains, Dreams, Objections, abbreviated BMV. This technique is used to create the best-selling presentations, texts:

  1. First, describe Pain: what's going on, the character, the atmosphere. Example: Bent silhouettes of people moving slowly under the weight of backpacks, dangling blades and picks.
  2. Describe Dreams. Example: I'd bet $1,000 that everyone's only warming to the dream of weighty gold nuggets right now.
  3. Describe the Objections. Example: Idiots! They don't even realize that, at best, only half of them will come back. Half of that half will bring in gold, which will recoup their expenses, and prompt them to play roulette with death again.

The rest is in the hands of the writer.

Try to write in a way that gets people excited about what you write! Grab the reader's brain from the first lines, don't let them read diagonally, lead them through each line you write throughout the article. Remember, people don't like to waste their time with empty words, so fill each one with meaning and content! Less descriptive water, more action. Intrigue, denouement - practice being the best! Become a Wizard of the Pen, turn the mundane into the unique, and the boring into the sensational. Have people beg you to write more!

Clone World is your trainer! Remember this and take advantage of its possibilities. Become the best version of yourself every day!

The Clone Land newspaper needs creative writers! The inhabitants of the Clone world are waiting for interesting articles from you.

Check spelling and style

Check spelling and style before you send your article to the editors. For example, use the word processor Microsoft Word, but do not forget that it is not perfect. If you doubt the spelling of a word, the correctness of its declension, the appropriateness of punctuation, search for the answer through any search engine. It will give you links to sites that specialize specifically in your topic of interest. Do not be lazy to look for the answer, because this is how you can bring your creation if not to perfection, then to a state close to it.

Your article was rejected

If your article was rejected by an editor, check the text: the editor may have left comments in it.

What articles should not be sent

Important! Do not send articles of this nature:

  • A boring retelling of the rules of the various modules of the project.
  • Ads, ads.
  • Dry or questionable calculations.

Help from other authors

All this you can write and discuss on the forum, in Telegram or Discord with the Clone World community.