Information for editors

Dear Editors! Your work is important for the smooth organization of activities in the newspaper!

Article evaluation parameters

Evaluate the incoming work from the perspective of a mere player:

  • Would he be interested in reading it?
  • Will he learn something useful for himself from what he read?
  • Is the author's writing style good enough?
  • Would you be interested in reading it yourself?

It is important to understand the "message" of the publication offered by the reporter, its main idea:

  • Are these feelings it will evoke in the reader - positive or negative?
  • What kind of action or thought does it call for - constructive or destructive?


To make the editor's job easier, we recommend using popular text-checking tools (or similar ones):

  • Online service (opens in a new tab) - check the "clarity" and "readability" of the text (the goal is to achieve a score of at least 8-9 on both parameters);
  • (opens in a new tab) - detection of "wateriness" of the text (percentage of words with no semantic meaning), the optimal value: 30%-50%;
  • Microsoft Word or a spelling and punctuation checker.

Your job is also to weed out articles that contradict the rules of the newspaper:

  • Suggestions for improvements/implementation of new game modules,
  • long calculations with lots of numbers; calculations based on "floating data" or ambiguous,
  • blatantly bad, illiterate works with no style.

You may find the article promising, but in need of an editorial. In that case, make the necessary changes: spelling, punctuation, stylistics, compliance of the premise and conclusions with the rules of the game. After making sure that the article is close to the necessary standards, send it to print.

If you decide to reject an article, then take it to be edited and write your explanations in the special "Editor's Comment" field.

The "one article, one editor" principle

It is important that the article rejected by you, after being finalized by the author, was again with you. To do this, recommend that the author, in the title of the re-sent article, indicate the name of the editor for whom it is intended. For example: "The Age of Clones is the best game, for a Mario editor.

If you're not sure about something, take your time and contact the SKINBALL editor or other editors.