Formatting newspaper articles

The text editor in the newspaper allows you to apply formatting to, for example, bold or italicize text. Below you will find examples of such formatting. Please don't abuse these options, because the success of an article depends largely on how easy it is to read.

Table. Symbols for formatting text in an article

What is requiredWhat to enter
Bold textUse ** before the beginning and at the end of the text.
Text in italicsUse * before the beginning and at the end of the text.
Bold text in italicsUse *** before and at the end of the text
SubtitleUse #### before the beginning of the text
Separation line---
The asterisk symbol **
Lattice symbol ##

Pictures in articles

Authors need to diversify their articles with pictures and illustrations. A forum thread has been created to post pictures. If the author needs to insert a picture into the article, then:

  • You should upload it in this thread: Images for articles (opens in a new tab)
  • Leave a comment on the picture. Example: "Illustration #1 for Article Title".
  • If you want to insert several pictures into one article - they should be uploaded in one message.

In a newspaper article, in the place where there should be an illustration, you should leave a link to the picture itself, which is uploaded to the topic: not to the topic and not to the post. When published, the Editor-in-Chief will replace the link with a picture.

At the time of publication, pictures are moderated, so take care beforehand that they conform to the norms of ethics, the sense of the article, the rules of the forum and the provisions of the user agreement.