Short-term contracts

Short-term contracts include:

Terms of employment

This game module is designed for first-time participants, who can get a job here quickly. The more experienced and affluent clones who build their homes pay the builder's labor.

A clone who wants to get a job as a real estate builder must meet the following requirements:

  • Social status Tramp and at least 10 experience (low qualification).
  • Social status Craftsman and at least 100 experience (high qualification).
  • An endurance score of at least 0.

You don't need any tools or supplies to work, the state provides builders with everything they need.

A clone will NOT be able to get a job as a construction worker if he works for:

  • Gold mines in the settlements.
  • Any state enterprise.
  • Any private enterprise.

Warning. To work as a builder a craftsman clone requires stamina (in addition to normal daily consumption). A vagabond does not need endurance. A craftsman spends 0.01 units of stamina to complete one task. When a task is taken, the necessary amount of stamina is first reserved and then expended at the end of the task.

Order of work and remuneration

The clone takes part in the construction, automatically receiving and completing tasks. If you've taken maid tasks before, you're familiar with this order of work. Depending on the qualifications of the builder, a construction task is performed at different speeds: a hobo performs one task in one hour and reduces the construction time by one hour; a craftsman performs the same task 10 times faster (in 6 minutes) and reduces the construction time by one hour as well.

To get started, the builder needs to get in line for jobs by clicking on the "get started" button on the appropriate page. When tasks appear, they will automatically be given to builders.

Warning. The clone will start to perform tasks after 24 hours, because he needs time to learn how to perform these types of tasks at the highest level and to please customers with the result of his work.

The clone will work as a builder until you fire him. At the end of the job, the worker gets paid and waits for a new job.

Rogue clones can only get one mission at a time.

Craftsmen can get a "job package" at once - from 1 to 20 jobs at a time, depending on the availability of jobs at a particular time. Accordingly, he will spend a proportionally greater amount of stamina to complete them (let's say 5 tasks):

0,015=0,050,01 * 5 = 0,05

and will receive more gold coins at the end:

P=P1P = P_{1} * 5

  • PP - Final Salary;
  • P1P_{1} - Job Cost.

The task completion time in minutes will be equal:

65=306 * 5 = 30