Work as a construction worker

Work on the construction site

Many different structures - architectural wonders, principalities, houses, megalithic structures and more - are erected daily in the expanses of the clone world. To build most of them, you need laboring hands - clones. The owner of the future building can erect the building by his own clones, or to involve the characters of other players in the work. Very often players use the second option, as it greatly speeds up the construction. When players put up a building fund and payment amount to builders - their objects become visible in the construction section, and any player can arrange their own clones there.

Short-term contracts

Short-term contracts are even available to vagrants and can take up to two hours, after which your clone will be paid. You can get a job at such facilities in the subdivision "Building houses". Read more

Long-term facilities

Clones of at least artisan status can be engaged in long-term facility construction, and some of them will require burgher status and special education. Read more