Portals built in the Administrative Unit serve as a link between the Metropolis server and the Anclave. Due to the presence of the portal in the settlement on Metropolis, the owner of the settlement can send a cargo of water, gems (elverion and portalin) to the Anclave. Due to the presence of the portal in the settlement on the Anclave, it is possible to transport these resources back. The main purpose of portals is to transport unique resources between servers, because Water and Elveron are mined only on the Anklaw server, and Portalin on Metropolis.

Building Portals

Build portals can:

  • Owner of an Estate (maximum of 1 portal).
  • Owner of the Village (maximum of 2 portals).
  • Owner of the City (maximum of 3 portals).
  • Owner of Megapolis (maximum of 5 portals).

The cost of building each portal - Portalin 5,000 units.

Portal repair

Every 50 transports, the portal needs to be repaired. The cost of repairing the portal - Portalin 100 units.

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the portal

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Rules for transporting resources

In order to send a resource, the clone must have a "Megalithic Structures Engineer" education. Whether you use your own portal or rent someone else's, the sender clone must have this education to be able to use the portal.

Only one transport per day is possible through each portal. It is possible to transport a total of not more than 100 portaline and elverion stones (in various proportions) or not more than 10 tons (1000 buckets) of water at a time. The cost of each transport is 50 Portalin stones. The shipment will be sent to your clone's inventory (which is on your other account at the destination). The shipment will be delivered within 24 hours.

In order to transport a shipment through the portal, the personal data in the account settings (sender and receiver) on both servers must be identical. If there is a discrepancy, no refund will be given for the unexecuted shipment.

All resource transfers are made only by the game account number, which can be seen by clicking on the number of clonkoys in the upper left corner of the monitor.

To use the portal, you must have all the properties in your account repaired. It is also necessary that the stamina of all clones must be at least 0. The settlement in which the portal is built must also be repaired.

Portal rental

The owner of the portal can rent it out so that other players can send their cargo through it. You assign your own rental price, but no less than 0.2 gold coins and no more than 3 gold coins per shipment. The cost of transporting the cargo (50 portal stones) is paid by the tenant of the portal. If your portal is put up for rent and you want to ship through it yourself - the portal will need to be rented.

You can rent a portal from other players on the page "Character" → "Rent" → "Rent a portal". You can also see a list of your past shipments there. Remember that to use the portal, your clone must have a special education - "Engineer of Megalithic Structures". Read more

The funds transferred by the tenant for renting the portal shall be paid as follows:

  • 80% is the income of the portal owner;
  • 20% goes to the state.