Crypto Art Museum

Crypto Art Museum

The Crypto Art Museum is an innovative construction that opens up the possibility for you to participate in auctions of exclusive crypto-boxes of the city-builder. These lots will be auctioned off in a crypto-box auction. Подробнее

Construction is only available on the Metropolia server.

The cost and number of cryptoboxes put up by the city builder will be regulated by the Clone Land Commissioner. Players will be notified of all cryptobox arrivals through in-game news, social networks and messengers.

The state provides each city planner with free space (building) for a museum in each administrative unit in the game. The player only needs to do the finishing work for the museum to start functioning.

When calculating the value of a clone's property and the value of a player's account, the value of the built museum is taken into account at the nominal value of the building with an increased coefficient of 1.3.

Construction of a structure

The owner of any level of development can build a museum of crypto-art. Подробнее

Building a museum is instant and requires no construction workers.

Table Cost of building a museum

Никель Nickel1000
Хром Chrome1000
Black Pearl Black Pearl4400
Эльвереон Elveron1000
Сапфир Sapphire675
Аметист Amethyst400
Рубин Rubin200
Изумруд Emerald100
Алмаз Diamond50
Янтарь Amber3000


The newly built museum needs periodic repairs every 30 days. Repairs are cumulative. If the museum is not repaired for a long time, every 30 days the total cost of repair increases. For example, if there has been no repair for two months, it would take 2 sets of resources to repair, and if there has been no repair for 10 months, it would take 10 sets of resources to repair it.

**Consider! **Broken museum has no effect on payments from the active players' fund and does not impose any additional restrictions, except for the ability to participate in the auction of cryptoboxes of the city builder!

The museum is repaired with the same types of resources that are used to build it.

Table Cost of museum repairs

Никель Nickel15
Хром Chrome15
Black Pearl Black Pearl80
Эльвереон Elveron10
Сапфир Sapphire10
Аметист Amethyst8
Рубин Rubin4
Изумруд Emerald8
Алмаз Diamond1
Янтарь Amber50