Dragon caves

Dragon caves

Under each Castle you can build a huge cave, which can contain one dragon. This mythical animal will be your pet with a keen sense of smell for gold. The dragon lavishes its kind and caring master with gold, finding various hiding places in the boundless expanses of the Clone Earth. In addition, the dragon can be the best protector of the castle. In return, the owner must regularly feed the dragon, because the hungry animal will leave its comfortable place in 5 days and fly away from the cave. Read more about dragons in the relevant section of "Animal Husbandry". Read more

Any castle owner who has built caves can purchase a dragon at the State Farm Dragon Fair, where other players sell them. Princes can breed dragons in the Amber Caves of the Principality. A clone wielding a dragon must have an Intent score of at least 500.

Cave construction

The cost of building the cave under the castle is:

Golden Gold Coins20
Cement Cement150
Foundation block Foundation block300
Overlap block Overlap block650
Facing plate Facing plate1350
Brick Brick2650
Channel Channel30
Girders Girders65
Corner Corner135
Fittings Fittings265

The construction of a giant cave by one clone takes 38400 hours, or 1600 days. You can start building in the desired castle on the page "Real estate and repair → List of houses". To speed up construction, you can hire builders, completely similar to what you can do to speed up the construction of a house.

You can monitor the progress of construction on the Real Estate and Renovation → List of Homes page. The scale shows the progress of construction as a percentage of the total construction time.

Building repair

This building does not need periodic repairs.