Leather factory

Leather factory

Here you can prepare the skin of the animal, making it suitable for sewing quality clothing. Only one calf skin can be processed per day. You can turn on the automatic processing function.

His own tannery can open:

  • A prince who improved all the processing and military enterprises of the principality to Level 3.
  • The owner of the settlement of the minimum level of development "Megapolis".

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of tannery construction

Golden Gold5
Wood beam Wood beam200
Edged board Edged board400
Mounting rail Mounting rail800
Wood lining Wood lining1600
Foundation block Foundation block200
Overlap block Overlap block400
Facing plate Facing plate800
Brick Brick1600
Channel Channel20
Girders Girders40
Corner Corner80
Fittings Fittings160
Flour Flour300


The company does not need periodic repairs.


To produce 1 calfskin you need to spend 1 calfskin +0.5 gold.

Only 1 skin can be mended per day.