Rigging workshop

Rigging workshop

In this workshop you can produce special equipment for improving warships - rigging equipment. A fully equipped warship has more speed, maneuverability and defense, which means that its combat performance increases.

Own rigging production can open:

  • A prince who has upgraded all the processing and military enterprises of the principality to level 3 or higher. Read more
  • The owner of the settlement level City or higher.Read more at

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of rigging construction

Golden Gold5
Wood beam Wood beam170
Edged board Edged board340
Mounting rail Mounting rail680
Wood lining Wood lining1360
Foundation block Foundation block170
Overlap block Overlap block340
Facing plate Facing plate680
Brick Brick1360
Channel Channel17
Girders Girders34
Corner Corner68
Fittings Fittings136
Flour Flour250
Oil products Nefteprodukt1000


This facility does not require periodic repairs.


Table. Cost of rigging production

Ship typeProduction cost per setLevel
Brig Brig105 Лён linen + 1 Золотой gold1
Corvette Corvette160 Лён linen + 2 Золотой gold2
Battle ship Battle ship280 Лён linen + 3 Золотой gold3

Production limits

A limited number of rigging sets can be produced per day - a total level of no more than 3 units.