Hiring construction workers

To build structures (architectural wonders, great buildings, megalithic structures) in settlements or principalities it is necessary to hire builders. Clones of various social statuses (except for vagrants) can work on construction sites (so-called long-term construction projects). The owner of a settlement or princedom can hire an unlimited number of clones, depending on his needs. The town governor or the prince himself, who carries out the construction, cannot get a job as a builder at a construction site (his own or any other).

A city planner or prince can build several objects in his settlement at once.

The hiring of builders is automatic: a clone who submits an application is immediately hired. Implemented the possibility of mass hiring and firing your own builders (clones on your account). A construction worker may not quit if less than 24 hours have elapsed since being hired on the job site.

To pay construction workers, the owner can put up a fixed salary for each builder. He can limit the maximum number of workers for a facility. These options are available on the construction management page of a particular settlement or princedom. At the time wages are billed (and at each subsequent occurrence of a settlement time), the total amount needed to pay all employees for the next day is reserved from the account. The difference between the amounts reserved and the amounts actually paid (for example, if fewer builders than the maximum number of builders worked on the site) is returned to the account at the time of the next calculation.

The owner of the construction site can only increase the amount of wages and the maximum number of workers on the site. It is not allowed to reduce them. However, it is possible to zero out wages entirely if the prince or town governor is no longer able to conduct construction by hired workers. In addition, if at the time of booking the necessary amount is not on the game account, the amount of wages will also be reset. When zeroed out, all hired workers (clones not from your account) will be fired. The owner of the construction site will be able to change the wage again only after 15 days from the date of zeroing. If he zeroed the salary manually, the amount already reserved earlier is returned to the account.

It is important to ensure the continued availability of sufficient building material on site. In the absence of at least one type of building material (if this type has not yet been used 100%), the construction process will stop. At the same time, the workers who are at the construction site will be paid wages. Only if the wage fund is reduced to 0 by the owner of the construction site himself, will the payment of wages be stopped. Sufficient quantity of each type of material is considered equal to the product of the number of builders on the daily consumption of a given type of material by one builder. If necessary, you can set up automatic feeding of material from the inventory (storage), as well as its automatic purchase at the commodity exchange.

The rate of material consumption by one builder is one unit of material/day, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description of the construction project.