The Emperors Foundation

In addition to the respect of all the inhabitants and the constant profits from the developed principality, the Emperors have an additional income. After the appearance of the first emperor in the clone lands, each day the State forms a fund consisting of:

  • 7% - from the state profit "Social Statuses".
  • 5% - from the sale of weapons in the Armory.
  • 10% - from the production of kvass.
  • 25% - from the property rent tax.
  • 5% - of the income from the Trade Guild.
  • 10% - from the discount on the Commodity Exchange.
  • 10% - from the discount at the Fair.
  • 15% - from the income from teaching the "Intent" characteristic at the University.
  • 10% - from commissions at the Auction of Princedoms.

This fund is paid at the end of the day equally to all emperors.