Tool shop

Tool shop

The shop offers a variety of tools for private and government jobs,

The durability of the tool you buy here is several dozen work shifts (days) (depending on the type of tool).

Hover your cursor over the tool image to see its characteristics.

You can also set up here to automatically buy a new tool if the old one runs out, for the current clone or all clones of the account at once.

Table. Playing tools and their cost

NamePrice Золотой (gold)Durability (days)
Pen Pen130
Accounts Accounts2030
Scales Scales20030
Axe Axe1.590
Tun Tun190
Drawing set Drawing set530
Hammer and chipper Hammer and chipper190
Barn lock Barn lock430
Sickle Sickle1.590
Pickaxe Pickaxe190
Saw Saw190
Work gloves Work gloves190
Scythe Scythe1.4110
Sledgehammer Sledgehammer0.65110
Plane Plane0.65110
Pick Pick9.5110
Laborer's coat Laborer's coat0.230
Carving knife Carving knife230