State-owned farm



At the State Farm Biotechnology Department, your clones can purchase the seed they need to grow crops in the agricultural fields. Your clone can purchase an unlimited number of seeds, and the seeds do not spoil if stored for long periods of time.

One bag of seed is used to sow one plot of land.

It is impossible to exchange or sell the seeds. They can only be sown.

Income from the sale of seed goes to the state budget.

Flower seeds (for vagrants)

The Tramp, the only clone on the account, can get free seeds of various flowers from the State Farm.

You can get no more than two bags of seeds of each type of flower per day.

Flowers can be grown on the adjoining plot of your own dugout, which must first be built. Flowers can be sold at the Fair to other players or used as a gift when writing a letter in game mail.

If a wanderer had flower seeds left in his purse when he became an artisan, they will go back to the farm so that other wanderers can use them.