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Peacock Fair

Peacock Fair

Peacock Fair

You can read more about the Peacock Fair trading rules in this section.

Rules of trade at the Peacock Fair

You can sell or buy peacocks at the State Farm Peacock Fair.

Any resident of the Clone Earth with the status of "Craftsman" or higher can sell and purchase goods at the Fair.

To purchase a peacock, the clone must have either a separate roost for her or a bird yard (of unlimited capacity), which can be purchased from the State Farm Nursery under the Peacocks tab.

A clone acquiring a peacock (as well as other clones in that account) must have an endurance rating of at least 0.

While at the Fair, peacocks continue to consume feed and produce, but grazing in the fields will not be available to them.

There are currently 6 breeds of peacocks on Clone Earth, of which only 3 are for sale.

Common, red and royal breeds

The sale of peacocks of these breeds at the Fair is subject to the following conditions:

  • The seller is charged a commission of 0.5% of the value of the peacock when the lot is posted.
  • The seller is charged a 4.5% commission on the sale of the item.

Andreevskaya, Alexandrovskaya, Nikolayevskaya breeds

Peacocks of these breeds cannot be bought or sold at the bird market.