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Dragon fair

Dragon fair

Dragon fair

Residents of "burgher" or higher social status with an Intent of at least 500 units may buy or sell dragons of various ages and weights at the Dragon Fair. Keeping a dragon requires the amber caves of the principality or the caves under the castle built by the clone.

A clone acquiring animals (as well as other clones in the account) must have an endurance rating of at least 0.

The minimum value of a dragon for sale in gold coins can not be lower than the value of "Sense" characteristic of the dragon. For example, if the value of the Flair is 190, then the minimum price of the animal can't be lower than 190 gold coins.

If the dragon is wearing an artifact, the buyer will receive it along with the reptile, as the artifact is permanently attached to the dragon once put on.

The seller will be charged a fee of 0.5% of the lot price when placing an item in the Dragon Fair. If you withdraw the lot, the commission is not refundable.

The seller is charged a fee of 40% of the value of the lot.

Immediately after putting the animal at the fair, and after the moment of its production (once a day), the lot becomes unavailable for sale for a random period of time (5 to 30 minutes). After this period, the lot becomes available for sale again.

While at the Dragon Fair, the animals continue to feed and produce as usual.

The "Your Dragons on the State Farm" tab contains a list of your animals for sale at the Fair. Here you will be able to remove the animal from the sale (cancel the lot).