Magic objects
For dragons

Elixirs and items for dragons

In this section you can create these types of elixirs and items for dragons:

  • Health potion for a dragon. Produced in boxes of 100 pieces. Each bottle is capable of fully restoring a dragon's health.
  • Fire Charge Elixir. Produced in boxes of 25. Each bottle can restore a dragon's firepower by 1 charge.
  • Dragon amulet. It is created one piece at a time. The artifact gives the dragon +10 flair. The dragon will be able to guard the castle in whose cave he resides. The durability of the artifact is 365 days.

Box of health potions for a dragon

Gold Golden2
Root of youth Root of youth4
Pork Pork10
Beef Beef10
Chicken meat Chicken meat10

The nominal value of the resources used: 6,285 ash.

Box of Fire Charge potions

Strength elixir Strength elixir1
Oil Oil430

The nominal value of the resources used: 6,603 ash.

Dragon amulet

Dragon amulet

Elvereon Elvereon5 000