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Fleet Improvement

Fleet Improvement

For additional equipment of Clone Earth warships, their owners require rigging equipment, according to the type of ship. Rigging equipment can be created at rigging workshop princedom or settlement. A fully equipped warship has greater speed, maneuverability and protection, which means that its combat performance is noticeably improved:

Table. Increase of ships parameters when improving

Ship typeIncreased strengthImprovement in basic protection (%)
Brig Brig+4500+7
Corvette Corvette+6000+8
Battle ship Battle ship+9000+10

If you are a Prince or Town Governor, you can start your own rigging business. If not, you can buy rigging at the Commodity Exchange.

Only ships that are in the Clone Soum or in the Vault are available for rigging. Each ship can only be equipped once. It is not possible to remove the rigging from a ship that is already equipped.

Only clones with at least 100 Rigging Practice units can fly a warship equipped with rigging equipment. A clone can learn Rigging practice at the University (in general classes with teachers or in the process of individual training).

Each clone whose Rigging Practices score is at least 100 will receive daily payments from the Clone Earth Captains Fund. Payments are made in proportion to the number of units of Rigging Practice. It is not necessary to command a warship. In addition, each clone with at least 100 units of rigging practice automatically becomes a faculty member of that discipline at the University. You can set a rate for the cost of an hour of training here.