In simple terms, a discount is the % of profit you are willing to give to the state to get your lot earlier in the queue to buy.

Example of discount operation

Let's look at an example of how to calculate the amount of discount and the amount to be credited to the game account when selling goods at a discount.

Let's say you put the product "wood" in the amount of 100 pieces, at a price of 0.025 gold coins per piece. The value of the discount you indicated in 5%.

At a price of 0.025 gold coin other players have already put up lots of wood, but the maximum percentage of discount they have less than 5%. In this case, your lot will be bought first out of all the lots at this price.

The commission for displaying an item is 0.5%, the commission for the sale is 5%.

Without the discount, your total revenue would be:

100 - 0.025 - 0.95 - 100 - 0.025 - 0.005 = 100 - 0.025 - 0.945 = 2.3625 gold coins.

At a discount rate of 5%, your final sale proceeds will be:

100 - 0.025 - 0.95 - 0.95 - 100 - 0.025 - 0.005 = 100 - 0.025 - 0.8975 = 2.2437 gold coins.

Lots with a higher discount (at this price) are bought first. If another player puts up a lot of wood at 0.025 gold coin at a discount of, say, 6%, he will be bought first.

In both cases, the purchase on the exchange takes place, starting from the current minimum price. That is, if there were wood lots on the exchange, for example, with a price of 0.024 and 0.0243, they will be bought first, even if they have no discount.