Stock auction

Stock auction

You can buy such items at the literacy auction:

  • The land charter "Prince".
  • The land certificate "Town Planner".
  • License to mine megaliths.

The land charter "Prince". and "Town Planner"

Certificates appear at auction as new lands are discovered.

The Prince's land certificate The Prince land charter

This land grant is necessary for the creation of the principality.

The land certificate "Town Planner". The Town Planner land charter

Thanks to the Town Planner's Charter, you can establish your own settlement.

Initial (nominal) value of the enrollment (the bid can be made by any of the listed resources):

  • 10 stone.
  • 10 wood.
  • 1 iron.
  • 5 Cereal.
  • 0.25 gold coin.

The auction step is 0.25 gold or any of the above resource types, with a nominal value of 0.2 gold.

You can pass the certificate to any clone of your account through the vault, but it cannot be sold.

License to mine megaliths

License to mine megaliths

Megalithic mining licenses are sold under the general rules for the sale of securities. Read more

Contributions from the sale by the state of literacy

The difference between the sale price of the lot in gold coins and the face value of the lot in gold coins is transferred to the State budget. Resource value equivalents are not taken into account. The state, in turn, pays out of this budget:

  • 0.5% - to the charity fund.
  • 5% - to the Princely Fund.
  • 5% - to the fund "Treasury of settlements".
  • 5% to the University's Employee Benefits Fund.
  • 5% to the military ranks fund.
  • 15% to the Clone Earth Social Fund.