Variant of development

Example of development

Let's look at what the development of an empire looks like with a small example. Over more than 15 years of project development, many empires have been built. So how do you get to this cherished goal, and at the same time establish a relationship between the various game blocks to ensure that your income is constantly increasing? If your goal is to achieve emperor status, the first thing to do is to build a principality. Then it is the one that needs to be developed into an empire.

Register of Princedoms
Register of Princedoms

In addition to creating a principality, you need to build a village in it and reach the level of development "city". You will need to build houses in the village, to settle in their game characters (clones) and extract resources in order to develop both the principality and the village. You can enlist the help of other players to also build their own houses and settlements in your principality.

By building your empire, you can increase the number of clones that will get you the resources to upgrade. However, in addition to resource extraction, your characters can fight, participate in tournaments, gain ranks and earn medals. Also, each character in the status of "farmer" and above can sow fields that are located near your homes, to grow a variety of animals and become a successful investor.

While resources are being mined to develop your empire, your account is tirelessly evolving. By participating in collective developments, mining gems at the mines, trading at the exchange and the fair, participating in various competitions, buying securities, hunting in the expanses of the Principality and doing many other things that accumulate resources, you develop your clones, develop new blocks and thereby increase your income.

And so, while you mastered a mass of different blocks and built between them production chains, your settlement gradually grew into a huge city, and in the principality were built all the necessary enterprises for the transition to the empire. There are only a few steps left to the cherished goal! To obtain the highest title, you must raise the social status of the prince to count, and since you mined the precious stones in the mines, you can easily decorate your principality with a grand palace, and by raising a banner over the principality, you will achieve your goal. You are now the emperor!

Virtual is real
Virtual is real!

But this does not mean that the game is over, because in order to make your empire truly majestic, you can continue to develop businesses on its territory, build architectural wonders, megalithic structures and even amber caves for dragons. And of course, further develop the game account, thus strengthening its position and increasing the account brings a stable income available for withdrawal.

Not every player can immediately claim the title of emperor, but it is possible to develop an account in various ways. There is no single model for developing a strong and ranked account in this game! There are no patterns here! In our clone world, every account and its development path is unique!