One of the main values of any project is the community that is created around it. In "Golden Clone" this community is very strong, friendly and very versatile: our economic simulator was able to unite housewives and successful entrepreneurs, students and retirees, top managers and engineers to achieve their goals. And they, despite their age, status and position in society, are always ready to help each other in a difficult moment, to give guidance and direction to the right path. Best of all, many of them don't just spend time online: they hold offline meetings in different parts of the world and then share their emotions and photos with everyone in the community!

Informal Encounter (2019)
Informal Golden Clone Community Meeting (2019)
Informal Meeting (2020)
Resting after the hard work of our clones (2020)

Social media


In addition to a variety of gameplay, the project is very well established social component. The game has special themed chat room, where you can communicate on free or narrowly focused topics, trade and get help on the game.

In-game chat
In-game chat

In the near future it is planned to migrate chat to more convenient and modern messengers.


In addition to the chat, there is a handy forum where you can create different topics, get advice, discuss news and keep in touch with the Administration of the project.

Forum (opens in a new tab)

Thanks to the forum, project participants for 15 years agree on personal meetings, gather in large companies in different parts of the world and share their photos with all the other participants in the project. Sometimes virtual communication on the forum and informal meetings flow even into real weddings and strong families. It was this social component that helped many to establish useful contacts and agree on fruitful cooperation in the future or to build a personal life.

Active members of the forum life constantly arrange exciting contests to make the community even stronger and friendlier. For example, during the hot summer they hold a wonderful contest "Miss Summer" almost every year. And on cool winter evenings, on New Year's Eve, you can take part in a snow sculpture contest or share your beautiful Christmas trees with community members.

Miss Summer 2019
Winner of Miss Summer 2019

Such informal communication brings players much closer together and helps them find common interests beyond our project. There are beautiful words, now it's hard to say whose they are, but they can be attributed to the Golden Clone online strategy:

It's not just a game. This is Service. It's not just a game. This is a community. It's not just a game! Everyone who says, "It's just a game," does not understand the point!