Resources and items

Commodity exchange items

To make it easier for players to navigate in the various game resources and items that can be traded on the commodity exchange, we have created a special table to help find out where you can get and where to apply all items of the commodity exchange.

NameNominal price Золотой (gold)TypeReceiving optionsOptions for use

Flour Bread |0.06| Bread Combined fodder |0.004| Mixed fodder Egg |0.0072| Egg Milk |0.0504| Milk Pork |0.16| Pork Beef |0.1525| Beef Chicken |0.156| Chicken meat Bacon |0.24| Bacon Salt |0.5| Salt Sulfur |0.3| Sulfur Saltpetre |0.3| Saltpetre Charcoal |0.3| Charcoal Alfalfa |0.0112| Lucerne Oats |0.0412| Oats Turnips |0.0112| Turnips Fodder beet |0.0412| Fodder beets Brukva |0.0412| Swede Tomatoes |0.0562| Tomatoes Potatoes |0.0412| Potatoes Cabbage |0.0468| Cabbage Eggplant |0.0515| Eggplant Onions |0.0327| Bow Flax |0.0562| Flax Amaranth |0.0476| Amaranth Linseed oil |0.8288| Flaxseed oil Water |0.001| Water Timber |0.02| Wood Cereals |0.04| Grain Stone |0.02| Stone Iron |0.2| Iron Chromium |0.02| Chrome Nickel |0.02| Nickel Treated wood |0.02| Processed wood Treated stone |0.02| Processed stone Treated iron |0.2| Processed iron Bar |0.015| Wood beam Board edging |0,0075| Edged board Mounting rail |0.0038| Mounting rail Linings |0,0019| Wood lining Foundation block |0.015| Foundation block Slab block |0.0075| Overlap block Facing slab |0.0038| Facing plate Brick |0.0019| Brick Channel |0,15| Channel T-beam |0.075| Girders Corner |0.0375| Corner Fittings |0.0188| Fittings Megalith |4| Megalith Oil |0.007| Oil Petroleum products |0.007| Oil products Clay |0.03| Clay Limestone |0.03| Limestone Cement |0.15| Cement Sand |0.05| Sand Magic Solar Plate |3| Magic solar plate Magic Rain Plate |2.98| Magic rain plate Moonplate |12.88| Lunar plate Golden Egg |2.5| Golden egg Silver Egg |1.25| Silver egg Sapphire |0.04| Sapphire Amethyst |0.08| Amethyst Ruby |0.2| Ruby Emerald |0.4| Emerald Diamond |0.8| Diamond Amber |0.0197| Amber Amber with a drop of dragon blood inside |0.0197| Amber with a dragon blood drop inside Elveron |0.0197| Elvereon Portalin |0.0197| Portaline Black pearl |0.0001| Black Pearl Rigging equipment for the brig |6,901| Rigging equipment for a brig Rigging equipment for the corvette |10,992| Rigging equipment for a corvette Rigging equipment for the liner ship |18,736| Rigging equipment for a battleship State farm coupon |0.1| State farm coupon