Resources and items
Game resources and items

Game resources and items

There are a large number of resources and items in the clone world. Some of them you can mine in factories or mines, others are only available through recycling, and others are created from various components in factories. Conventionally, all resources and items can be divided into several types, depending on the extraction, use or other factors.


It details the resources that players can extract from the various factories and developments. Read more


Various foods serve to feed the animals or replenish the stamina of the clones. Read more


There are about 10 types of gems in the game, which are mined in the mines. Read more


You will need a special tool that meets the conditions of employment to be placed in various public or private enterprises. Read more


Depending on their social status, your clones may wear casual clothing that adds some characteristics. Read more

Weapons and defense

These items are useful for your clones in various battles and combat tournaments. Read more


Special ammunition is required to use firearms, cannons, and ships. Read more

Hunter's gear

Hunting items give you a closer look at the fascinating world of hunting on the princely grounds. Read more


In the clone world, there are various artifacts that give bonuses from wearing clones or critters. Read more


In order to grow crops, you need seeds. Read more

Manure and fertilizer

In order to grow crops, you need seeds. Read more


The various in-game elixirs serve many purposes in the game and are used for clones, critters, and even real estate. Read more

Flowers and ingredients

Flowers serve as a pleasant surprise and can be attached as a gift to a letter, and the overseas ingredients are used for various elixirs. Read more