Resources and items
Fair items

Fair items

The fair is also a trading platform, on a par with the commodity exchange, but it has many different sections for trading resources, weapons, clothing, and other items. In the table below you can see the items that can be traded at the fair.

Nominal price

NameNominal price (Gold) Golden
Cow manure Cow manure0,001
Cow manure Cow manure0,01
Chicken manure Chicken manure0,01
Hen manure Hen manure0,1
Super feed for cows Super feed for cows0,2
Super feed for bulls Super feed for bulls0,2
Pig manure Pig manure0,001
Pig manure Pig manure0,007
Dragon manure Dragon manure0,001
Dragon manure Dragon manure0,01
Lucky Resident potion Lucky Resident potion0,0579
Elixir of life Elixir of life3,593
Wisdom elixir Wisdom elixir3,593
Strength elixir Strength elixir3,593
Happiness elixir Happiness elixir3,593
Eternity potion Eternity potion3,593
Hospitable Home elixir Hospitable Home elixir4,237
Ordinary Peacock potion Ordinary Peacock potion4,21
Red Peacock potion Red Peacock potion4,167
Royal Peacock potion Royal Peacock potion8,32
Chicken stir Chicken stir0,9475
Farrow potion Farrow potion0,9475
Bull potion Bull potion1,425
Land under Fallow elixir Land under Fallow elixir0,0064
Chicken Health elixir Chicken Health elixir0,1667
Health elixir Health elixir0,0042
Health potion for a dragon Health potion for a dragon0,082
Potion Fire Charge potion0,264
Philosopher's stone Philosopher's stone0,4
Flower of Life Flower of Life0,4
Root of youth Root of youth0,4
Olive branch Olive branch0,4
Exotic spice Exotic spice0,4
Handful of nuts Handful of nuts0,0035
Chanterelle Chanterelle0,007
Hop Hop0,015
Truffles Truffles0,025
Basket of mushrooms Basket of mushrooms0,035
Basket of berries Basket of berries0,07
Barrel of honey Barrel of honey0,1
Cap Cap0,001
A bottle of kvass A bottle of kvass0,1
Calfskin Calfskin1
Calf leather Calf leather1,5
Dragon scales Dragon scales0,05
Lily Lily0,0001
Black rose Black rose0,0001
Yellow rose Yellow rose0,0001
Red rose Red rose0,0001
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum0,0001
Black tulip Black tulip0,0001
Red tulip Red tulip0,0001
White tulip White tulip0,0001
Clove Clove0,0001
Small caliber rifle Small caliber rifle0,5
Buckshot gun Buckshot gun1
Plain-barreled gun Plain-barreled gun2,5
Plain-barreled gun (double-barrelled) 12 caliber Plain-barreled gun (double-barrelled) 12 caliber4
Double-barrel combined shotgun Double-barrel combined shotgun5
Carbine caliber 7 Carbine caliber 710
Combined high grade rifle Combined high grade rifle15
Cartridge belt Cartridge belt0,5
Hunting boots Hunting boots1,2
Poncho Poncho2
Hunting bag Hunting bag1
Hunting knife Hunting knife1,5
Knuckles Knuckles0,1
Awl Awl0,25
Knife Knife0,5
Bayonet Bayonet0,7
Saber Saber1
Pistol Pistol1,5
Fusil Fusil2
Musket Musket3
Carbine Carbine5
Pistols Pistols7
Hand machine gun AB 0614 Hand machine gun AB 061425
Scimitar Scimitar15
Katana Katana20
Double-barrel rifle Double-barrel rifle15
Three-barrel rifle Three-barrel rifle25
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle30
Small cannon Small cannon10
Regiment cannon Regiment cannon15
Unicorn (long cannon) Unicorn (long cannon)20
Brig Brig30
Corvette Corvette45
Battle ship Battle ship80
Lite baldric with sapphire Lite baldric with sapphire5,51
Lite belt with sapphire Lite belt with sapphire5,51
Bracelet with sapphire Bracelet with sapphire5,51
Chain with sapphire Chain with sapphire5,51
Level I baldric with sapphire Level I baldric with sapphire0,34
II level baldric with sapphire II level baldric with sapphire0,38
Level III baldric with sapphire Level III baldric with sapphire0,46
Level I belt with sapphire Level I belt with sapphire0,34
Level II belt with sapphire Level II belt with sapphire0,38
Level III belt with sapphire Level III belt with sapphire0,46
Lite baldric with amethyst Lite baldric with amethyst6,27
Lite belt with amethyst Lite belt with amethyst6,27
Bracelet with amethyst Bracelet with amethyst6,27
Chain with amethyst Chain with amethyst6,27
Level I baldric with amethyst Level I baldric with amethyst0,58
Level II baldric with amethyst Level II baldric with amethyst0,66
Level III baldric with amethyst Level III baldric with amethyst0,82
Level I belt with amethyst Level I belt with amethyst0,58
Level II belt with amethyst Level II belt with amethyst0,66
Level III belt with amethyst Level III belt with amethyst0,82
Lite baldric with ruby Lite baldric with ruby8,55
Lite belt with ruby Lite belt with ruby8,55
Bracelet with ruby Bracelet with ruby8,55
Chain with ruby Chain with ruby8,55
Level I baldric with ruby Level I baldric with ruby0,9
Level II baldric with ruby Level II baldric with ruby1,1
Level III baldric with ruby Level III baldric with ruby1,5
Level I belt with ruby Level I belt with ruby0,9
Level II belt with ruby Level II belt with ruby1,1
Level III belt with ruby Level III belt with ruby1,5
Lite baldric with emerald Lite baldric with emerald12,35
Lite belt with emerald Lite belt with emerald12,35
Bracelet with emerald Bracelet with emerald12,35
Chain with emerald Chain with emerald12,35
Level I baldric with emerald Level I baldric with emerald1,2
Level II baldric with emerald Level II baldric with emerald1,4
Level III baldric with emerald Level III baldric with emerald1,8
Level I belt with emerald Level I belt with emerald1,2
Level II belt with emerald Level II belt with emerald1,4
Level III belt with emerald Level III belt with emerald1,8
Great warrior's ring Great warrior's ring10,2
Ring of courage Ring of courage2,2
Lite baldric with diamond Lite baldric with diamond19,95
Lite belt with diamond Lite belt with diamond19,95
Bracelet with diamond Bracelet with diamond19,95
Chain with diamond Chain with diamond19,95
Level I baldric with diamond Level I baldric with diamond2,3
Level II baldric with diamond Level II baldric with diamond3,1
Level III baldric with diamond Level III baldric with diamond4,7
Level I belt with diamond Level I belt with diamond2,3
Level II belt with diamond Level II belt with diamond3,1
Level III belt with diamond Level III belt with diamond4,7
Level I diamond vest Level I diamond vest6,8
Level II diamond vest Level II diamond vest10
Level III diamond vest Level III diamond vest14
Level IV diamond vest Level IV diamond vest18
Level V diamond vest Level V diamond vest22
Level I heavy belt with diamond Level I heavy belt with diamond6,8
Level II heavy belt with diamond Level II heavy belt with diamond10
Level III heavy belt with diamond Level III heavy belt with diamond14
Level IV heavy belt with diamond Level IV heavy belt with diamond18
Level V heavy belt with diamond Level V heavy belt with diamond22
Leather vest Leather vest0,5
Leather jacket Leather jacket0,75
Leather raincoat Leather raincoat1
Samurai Leather Cloak Samurai Leather Cloak2,2
Leather cloak made of dragon scales Leather cloak made of dragon scales7,5
Unloading vest Unloading vest1,1744
Cloak of an exile Cloak of an exile1,062
Clothes of an artisan Clothes of an artisan1,062
Clothes of a peasant Clothes of a peasant1,5744
Clothes of a bourgeois Clothes of a bourgeois1,843
Clothes of a merchant Clothes of a merchant3,405
Baron's Clothes Baron's Clothes5,81
The Count's Clothes The Count's Clothes7,934
Clothes of an emperor Clothes of an emperor9,62
Dragon amulet Dragon amulet98,5
Magic forester's hut Magic forester's hut3,193
Magic Forest Brooch Magic Forest Brooch3,193
Magic forester's cloak Magic forester's cloak3,193
Magic woodsman's axe Magic woodsman's axe3,193
Magic field cap Magic field cap3,193
Magic field brooch Magic field brooch3,193
Magic field mortar Magic field mortar3,193
Magic field boots Magic field boots3,193
Magic mining hut Magic mining hut3,193
Magic mining brooch Magic mining brooch3,193
Magic mining cloak Magic mining cloak3,193
Magic mining drill Magic mining drill3,193
Magic mining hut Magic mining hut3,193
Magic mining brooch Magic mining brooch3,193
Magic mining rod Magic mining rod3,193
Magic mining hammer Magic mining hammer3,193
Magical coachman's hut Magical coachman's hut3,193
Magical coachman's brooch Magical coachman's brooch3,193
Magic coachman's overcoat Magic coachman's overcoat3,193
The magical reins of the charioteer The magical reins of the charioteer3,193
Magic gem-cutter's ring Magic gem-cutter's ring3,193
Magic gem-cutter's brooch Magic gem-cutter's brooch3,193
Magic cutter's cloak Magic cutter's cloak3,193
Magic gem-cutter's magnifying glass Magic gem-cutter's magnifying glass3,193
Magic jeweler's ring Magic jeweler's ring3,193
Magic jeweler's brooch Magic jeweler's brooch3,193
Magic jeweler's cloak Magic jeweler's cloak3,193
Magic jeweler's engraver Magic jeweler's engraver3,193
Magic medical wreath Magic medical wreath3,193
Magic medical brooch Magic medical brooch3,193
Magic medical mantle Magic medical mantle3,193
Magic medical retort Magic medical retort3,193
Magic blacksmith's hut Magic blacksmith's hut3,193
Magic blacksmith's brooch Magic blacksmith's brooch3,193
Magic blacksmith's cloak Magic blacksmith's cloak3,193
Magic blacksmith's hummer Magic blacksmith's hummer3,193
Magic seaman's hut Magic seaman's hut3,193
Magic seaman's brooch Magic seaman's brooch3,193
Magic seaman's cloak Magic seaman's cloak3,193
Magic seaman's fife Magic seaman's fife3,193
Magic warrior's hut Magic warrior's hut3,193
Magic warrior's brooch Magic warrior's brooch3,193
Magic warrior's cloak Magic warrior's cloak3,193
Magic warrior's rod Magic warrior's rod3,193
Magic merchant's hut Magic merchant's hut3,193
Magic merchant's brooch Magic merchant's brooch3,193
Magic merchant's cloak Magic merchant's cloak3,193
Magic merchant's scales Magic merchant's scales3,193
Magic alchemist's hut Magic alchemist's hut3,193
Magic alchemist's brooch Magic alchemist's brooch3,193
Magic alchemist's cloak Magic alchemist's cloak3,193
Magic alchemist's pen Magic alchemist's pen3,193

Receiving options

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Options for use

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