Resources and items


In the clone world, there are many elixirs that are used for clones, animals, and even real estate. Elixirs can be created in the Trade → Magic Items menu. You can read more about creating elixirs at here.

Any elixirs can be sold or bought at the fair.

Table. Appearance, face value, and use of clothing

NameTypeNominal price Золотой (gold)Options for use
Lucky Resident ElixirLucky Resident potion0,0579This elixir is discontinued
Elixir of lifeElixir of life3,593Exchange it for an artifact at Baba Yaga's
Wisdom elixirWisdom elixir3,593Swap for an artifact at the Muttering Head
Strength elixirStrength elixir3,593Swap for an artifact at the Squeaky Root
Happiness elixirHappiness elixir3,593Swap for an artifact at the Ghoul's
Eternity potionEternity potion3,593Swap for an artifact at Koschei's
Elixir of Hospitable ShelterHospitable Home elixir4,237Raise the level at home
Ordinary Peacock PotionOrdinary Peacock potion4,21Apply to the peacock to improve
Red Peacock PotionRed Peacock potion4,167Apply to the peacock to improve
Royal Peacock PotionRoyal Peacock potion8,32Apply to the peacock to improve
Chicken stirChicken stir0,9475This elixir is discontinued
Farrow potionFarrow potion0,9475This elixir is discontinued
Bull potionBull potion1,425This elixir is discontinued
Elixir of the Living EarthLand under Fallow elixir0,0064Apply to the field to reduce black steam
Chicken Health ElixirChicken Health elixir0,1667Use in the hen house to reduce the incidence of disease in chickens
Health elixirHealth elixir0,0042Restoring health to clones
Health potion for a dragonHealth potion for a dragon0,082Restoring health to dragons
Elixir Fire ChargePotion0,264Restoring Fire Charges to Dragons