Resources and items


Various game ammunition is needed for firearms, cannons, and ships. You can create ammunition and the ingredients to obtain it on the Trading → Weapons Shop → Ammunition page.

Their creation is available from the social status Craftsman. Depending on the clone's status, you can create different amounts of ammunition. To learn more about the specifics of making different ammunition, see here.

All of these ingredients and ammunition can be bought or sold at the Commodity Exchange.

Table. Appearance, face value, and use of ammunition

NameTypeNominal price Золотой (gold)Options for use
CharcoalCharcoal0,3To produce gunpowder
Powder loadingPowder loading0,0015To produce cannonballs, salt and live ammunition
SleeveSleeve0,0004For salt and live ammunition
Salt cartridgeSalt cartridge0,0054Fights between guards and robbers, tournaments
Live cartridgeLive cartridge0,0089For combat operations (war)
CannonballCannonball0,085For combat operations (war)