The state provides safes free of charge to all Clone Earth residents who own real estate, settlements, and principalities. Safes reliably store their owners' valuables. To prevent the loss of dividends, there must be at least 1 safe deposit box per security.

Safes are provided according to the following rules:

  • 1 level of real estate on the account allows you to get 5 safes.
  • 1 unit of Technological level of settlements on the account allows you to get 1 safe.
  • 1 unit of the Technological level of the principalities on the account allows you to get 1 safe.

As you can see, to own a large package of securities can afford quite wealthy citizens who own the appropriate assets (real estate, settlements, principalities).

The number of safes a player has is recalculated once a day. If you increase the total level of real estate, settlements or principalities in your account during the day, the new safes will be delivered to you immediately before the next dividend is paid.

The player's task is to ensure the safety of the treasury for the current day (by hiring guards, developing social policies that do not allow to rob your real estate and settlements), until the treasury will be transported by collectors to the state bank and credited to the game account. Protecting the treasuries of the principalities is not necessary at this time.

What happens if a player has more securities in his account than all his safes can hold? For example, we have 957 safes, but we have 1,000 papers. All dividends from 1,000 securities will be summed up, for example, you get 10 gold coins. The average amount of dividends per paper is calculated regardless of their type: 10 / 1000 = 0,01. But our safes only hold 957 papers. So the dividend amount is reduced to 0.01 x 957 = 9.57 gold coins. The rest of the dividend, viz: 10 - 9.57 = 0.43 gold coin, accounts for the papers that did not fit into the safe. This portion is lost, of which there is a corresponding entry in the vaults: "Unreceived dividends on securities today: 0.43 gold! You need to increase the number of safes!"

The lost dividends on all accounts of all participants are summed up and then sent to the appropriate funds, similar to the 44.5% tax on the sale of securities on the Stock Exchange.

Examples of calculation of safes and dividends

Example 1: calculating the number of safes on the account.

The player's account has:

  • 1 village with a level of development = 413 units.
  • 3 castles with level = 50 units each.
  • 1 princedom with the level of development = 3500 units.

Thus, the number of safes (as well as the number of papers that will fit in them) will be equal:

(413 x 1) + (3 x 50 x 5) + (3500 x 1) = 413 + 750 + 3500 = 4663.

Example 2: calculation of dividends transferred to the treasury.

The amount of all dividends on the securities of the game account for the day was 10 gold, the account still has 3 castles, 1 village and the Principality (the total number of safes in them is 750 + 413 + 3500 = 4663 units)

We believe that the number of vaults is sufficient and that all dividends are accrued in full.

Then the amount of dividends per vault is: 10 / 4663 = 0.0021 gold coins. They will be distributed as follows:

  • The treasury of each of the castles receives: 5 x 50 x 0.0021 = 0.525 gold coin;
  • The village treasury receives: 413 x 0.0021 = 0.8673 gold coin;
  • The treasury of the principality receives: 3,500 x 0.0021 = 7.35 gold coins.

The total amount of dividends sent to the treasury will be: 0,525 x 3 + 0,8673 + 7,35 = 9,7923. We have a current unallocated balance: 10 - 9.7923 = 0.2077 gold coin. This amount will be added to tomorrow's dividend and will participate in the distribution as usual.