Possession of securities

Possession of securities

Why do we need securities and where to buy them?

Your clone of artisan status and above can acquire an unlimited amount of securities of any kind in order to receive a daily portion of the profits (dividends) from the various businesses and institutions of the Clone Earth.

Securities are purchased for a limited period of time. The term of validity of any security is 5 years from the date of its purchase at the Securities Auction. After this period, the securities are disposed of and can be reissued by the state. All you have to do is buy securities and ensure that you have enough Safes in your account to receive dividends.

Safes are installed free of charge by the state in all houses, settlements and principalities according to their level of development. If you have built or upgraded a house, settlement or principality, the order to install new safes will be automatically executed at the end of the current day. Securities after purchase are kept in safes. Note that they do not appear in the clone sum or in the vault.

The securities you have can be sold on the Stock Exchange at the Trade Guild. Clones of the social status of "peasant" and above have the right to trade on the stock exchange. Please note that dividends are NOT accrued on securities listed for sale on the Stock Exchange or reserved for display in warrants. Accrual will resume as soon as the security is sold or removed from sale (or the order is canceled).

Where and how to buy securities

Securities can be purchased from the State (at the Auction of Securities at the next issue). Clones of the social status of "artisan" and above can purchase securities. Read more

Security auction

Securities appear at auction in the process of issuance. Here, bidding begins at face value of a security using a specific resource (or set of resources). The auction rules can be found in the "Trading" section of the game → "Auctions" → "Securities" → "Trading Rules".

The final price of a security is determined by the players themselves in the auction process.

The security enters your account when your bid wins, that is, if it was made last at the end of the bidding period for a particular lot.

The auctioned securities (not yet redeemed by the players) are entered into the general securities registry of the Clone Earth and participate in the calculation of dividends. If, within a day, the paper was not redeemed from the auction, the accrued dividends on it go back to the state fund.

When you buy a security at an auction, it arrives in your account within 5 minutes.

Securities issues

Securities are issued (emitted) by the Clone Earth State.

Additional issue, i.e. issue of additional securities, is possible (but not obligatory), if the volume of paid dividends on this type of securities exceeds 40%.

The state always warns its residents about a future issue in advance by publishing a game news story. At the appointed time, the issued securities go to the Securities Auction, where residents can purchase them.

Principle of dividend accrual

Dividends are part of the profits of enterprises distributed among the owners of the relevant type of securities in proportion to their number.

Every day there is an accumulation of a fund of securities of each type, and at the beginning of the next day there is a payment of dividends from this fund.

Dividends per security are calculated according to the formula:

D = S/A,


  • D - the amount of dividends per security;
  • S - the number of gold coins in the fund of this type of securities;
  • A - the total number of all securities of the given type (including those in the securities auction).

Purchased securities are automatically distributed to the safes available on the account. Dividends on securities are deposited daily into the treasury of the houses, settlements, and principalities on the account. Within twenty-four hours of accrual, the treasury may be raided by robbers. The player's task is to secure the treasury, either by hiring guards or by developing a social policy (in which case there will be no attacks).