Investing in dividends

Investing in dividends

Securities ownership in the Age of Clones can be a very lucrative area. The game coins that players spend go to various funds, and they, in turn, transfer part of their income to the payment of dividends on various types of securities. Read more about owning securities in this section.

Possession of securities

Starting with artisan status, your clone can buy his first paper at a securities auction and start receiving daily dividends. Read more


To date, there are 25 types of securities issued by various enterprises and institutions of the Clone Earth. Each of them has its own source of income. Read more

Financial report

Financial Report is a handy tool to view daily, annual and total over time income from various types of securities. Read more


In order to get a permanent income it is not enough just to buy securities. A real investor worries about the safety of his dividends, so he needs safes. Read more

Security auction

Securities are issued and sold at a securities auction. The issuer is the state of the Clone Age. Read more