Financial report

Financial report

To date, there are 24 types of securities issued by various enterprises and institutions of the Clone Earth. Each has its own rate of return and face value, which can be viewed on the Investor → Securities → Financial Report page.

This page specifies the face value of each type of security and the type of resource for which it is purchased at the Auction of Securities. The daily, annual and total percentages of return are also shown.

Attention! Yield percentages are calculated from the nominal value of the paper, which can differ quite substantially from its real market value. The calculation involves all securities, including those in the process of issuance at an auction of securities.

The "Last Payment" cell indicates the value of dividends in gold coins for the past 24 hours per security. The green color (up arrow) indicates the value that has increased compared to the previous payment, respectively, the red color - on the contrary.