Basalt extraction

Basalt extraction

Basalt extraction

Megaliths are very valuable stones that are needed to build various megalithic structures. The extraction of megaliths requires the efforts of only one clone - but one with certain knowledge. To do this, he must invest in the construction of the entire set of required resources, as well as spend "Licenses to mine megaliths," which can be purchased at the Literacy Auction during the issuance.

The clone must meet the requirements in order to purchase a credential:

  • Have the status of a "burgher" or higher.
  • To study the specialty "Engineer of Megalithic Structures" at the University. Read more

The cost of building the development

Construction of basalt development is very fast, you just need to submit all the necessary resources.

Table. Number of resources for basalt mining.

Foundation block Foundation block50
Overlap block Overlap block100
Facing plate Facing plate200
Brick Brick400
Wood beam Wood beam50
Edged board Edged board100
Mounting rail Mounting rail200
Wood lining Wood lining400
Channel Channel5
Girders Girders10
Corner Corner20
Fittings Fittings40

Obtaining megaliths

Constructed basalt development produces a resource "megalite" of 1 pc/day within 3 days after the end of construction. After which the development is closed.

The mined megaliths are handed over to the owners of the mines on a daily basis.

The owner of the development can dispose of the resource at his discretion: sell to the Trade Guild, to use as one of the materials for construction. The possibilities of using megaliths will be expanded in the process of launching new game modules.

One clone can develop only one basalt mine at a time.