Resource mines

Resource mines


There are nine types of mines on Clone Earth, which allow to mine various resources (sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond, amber, elverion stone, portalin stone, black pearl) and to mine some gold every day (except amber mines, black pearl mines, sand mines, elverion mines and portalin). If you love the shine of precious metals and stones and do not mind trading them for a good profit, you should get a mine, and maybe even more than one….

You can buy mines at an auction of mines. You can find information on trading in the mines in the corresponding section. Read more

Types of mines

There are 11 types of mines in the game:

  • Site on the river (sapphire mining).
  • Large river mine (mining amethyst).
  • Site in the quarry (mining ruby).
  • A large quarry mine (ruby mining).
  • Small-scale mining (amethyst and emerald mining).
  • Large mining operation (ruby and diamond mining).
  • Amber mine (amber mining).
  • Elverion mine (Elverion mining).
  • Portaline mine (Portaline mining).
  • Black pearl mine (black pearl mining).
  • Sand mine (sand mining).

Detailed information about the type and amount of mined resources, the amount of gold being gold-mined and the nominal value of the mines can be found in the game on the page "Investor" → "Resource mines" → "General statistics".

Developing an amber mine, you can find a very rare specimen - an amber stone with a drop of blood of an ancient dragon frozen inside it. The chance of finding such a stone is 1 in 10,000.

Elveron stone mines are only available on the Anclave game server. Portalin stone mines are only available on the Metropolia game server. Read more

The right to develop

Clones of artisan or higher social status can mine. To do this, the clone must be educated as a geologist at the University.

The right to develop the mine (for 120 days) can be bought at auction. New mines found by state geologists of Clone Earth are going in there.

Sand and black pearl mines require a lot of preparatory work and are located in inaccessible places, so the regularity of their arrival at the auction is unknown. Watch the mines auction carefully if you want to own them! The issuance of other types of mines is reported in the game news

Any clone, with the proper education, can buy an unlimited number of mines.

The right to mine can be purchased either for gold coins, gifts, water, or silver or gold eggs, depending on the type of mine. Amber mines, Elveron stone mines, and Portalin can only be purchased for gold coins.

After buying any mine in an auction it cannot be sold to other players, but the mined stones are available for sale on the commodity exchange.


Mining each mine requires the expenditure of 6 endurance units per day. If the clone-owner of the mine does not have enough stamina, no production is made on that day, but the mining period is still reduced by 1 day. Don't forget to keep up your stamina in the Refectory.

Recovered gold is credited to the game account daily at the calculated time. Gold does not wash up in the amber mines, the black pearl mines, the sand mines, the elverion mines and the portaline mines. Gemstones may not arrive on a daily basis (it depends on the type of the mine). When found, they go into the inventory of the clone-owner of the mine.

Table. Resources obtained from the mines.

Type of mineResource (average of 120 days)Gold (average per day)
Site on the river Site on the river120 sapphire0,00195
Large river mine Large river mine120 amethyst0,0041
Quarry mine site Quarry mine site60 ruby0,0065
Large quarry mine Large quarry mine120 ruby0,01085
Small mining excavation Small mining excavation60 amethyst and 60 emerald0,01305
Large mining excavation Large mining excavation60 ruby and 49 diamond0,0218
Amber mine Amber mine240 Amber (chance to get an Amber with a drop of dragon blood is 1 in 10,000)-
Elvereon mine Elvereon mine240 Elveron-
Portaline mine Portaline mine240 portalin-
Black pearl mine Black pearl mine12,000 black pearls-
Sand mine Sand mine120 sand-

After 120 days of work, the mine is considered fully exhausted and disappears.

Application of resources from the mines

Gems can be sold in the Trade Guild if you have the right to trade there (clone status peasant or higher).

Warning. In order to transfer stones from one clone to another in your account (for example, to sell them), you must build a Vault.

You can also find the following uses for gemstones (basic possibilities):

Sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond

  • Build a palace. Read more
  • Exchange for a resource in Barter (with appropriate state reserves). Read more
  • Make jewelry at the Jewelry Factory, if the clone owns it. Read more
  • Expand the hunting grounds in your Principality. Read more
  • Use to purchase certain types of securities at the Auction. Read more
  • Use to make Magic Sun Plate, Magic Rain Plate, and Moon Plate game items in Magic Items. Read more

Amber Stone

  • Use to make "Moon Plate" game items in Magic Items. Read more
  • Use dragons in your Principality to build an amber cave (for example, you need more than 100,000 amber to build the largest cave). Read more
  • Use to build "Take-off and Landing Grounds" for dragons in your real estate. Read more

Elveron Stone

  • Use to make a powerful magical artifact "Dragon Amulet" to increase the flair of dragons. Read more
  • Use to build "Take-off and Landing Grounds" for dragons in your real estate. Read more

Portolin Stone

  • Use to build Portals in your settlement. Read more
  • Use to transport resources between servers through Portals (requires 50 "Portalin" stones for each transport).

Black Pearl

  • Building and repairing a home defense system. Read more
  • Construction and repair of the settlement's defense system. Read more
  • Build a settlement. Read more
  • Increasing the level of development of the settlement. Read more


  • Production of bottles for oil and kvass, in a glass workshop. Read more
  • Build a principality and many upgrades in it. Read more
  • Repair of the princely wall. Read more
  • Improving the social policy of the settlement. Read more
  • Increasing the social policy of real estate. Read more