Cooperative development
Saltpeter extraction

Saltpeter extraction

Saltpeter extraction

The companion of the saltpeter development can dispose of the resource at his own discretion: sell it in the Trade Guild, use it as one of the ingredients to create gunpowder, as well as for many other things. New possibilities for the use of saltpeter will appear in the process of launching new game modules.

Cost of construction

Table. The cost of building the development of saltpeter on the server Metropolis

Flour Flour110000
Wood beam Wood beam172000
Edged board Edged board344000
Mounting rail Mounting rail675500
Wood lining Wood lining1351000
Foundation block Foundation block172000
Overlap block Overlap block344000
Facing plate Facing plate675500
Brick Brick1351000
Channel Channel17200
Girders Girders34200
Corner Corner67500
Fittings Fittings135000

Table. The cost of building the development of saltpeter on the server Enclave

Wood Wood146667
Stone Stone146667
Grain Grain73333
Iron Iron14667

Production and distribution

  • The constructed saltpeter development on the Metropolia serverМетрополия produces a saltpeter output of 586 kg/day within 200 days of the end of construction.
  • The constructed development of nitrate at Anklav Server Анклав produces nitrate at a rate of 195 kg/day for 200 days after the end of construction.

The saltpeter produced is transferred daily to the companions of the enterprise as a percentage, depending on the part of the resources invested in the construction, converted into gold coins. This takes into account the nominal value of the resources expended. The amount of nitrate is counted to the thousandths.

The nominal value of resources can be found in the Trade Guild (Nominal Price column).