Cooperative development
Salt extraction

Salt extraction

Salt extraction

Read the general rules of development at link. Here you can find information about average ratio, as well as the rules construction completion.

The salt miner's companion can dispose of the resource as he sees fit: sell it to the Trade Guild, use it to make salt cartridges, and much more. New salt options will appear as new game modules are launched.

Cost of construction

Table. The cost of construction of salt development.

ResourceMetropolis ServerAnclave Server
Wood Wood250000166666
Stone Stone250000166666
Grain Grain12500083333
Iron Iron2500016666
Processed wood Processed wood250000-
Processed stone Processed stone250000-
Flour Flour125000-
Processed iron Processed iron25000-

Production and distribution

  • The salt mine built on the Metropolia server produces 800 kg of salt per day for 100 days after construction is completed.
  • The salt mine built on the Anklav server produces salt at a rate of 267 kg/day for 100 days after the end of construction.

The salt produced is transferred daily to the companions of the enterprise as a percentage, depending on the portion of the resources invested in the construction, converted into gold coins. This takes into account the nominal value of the resources expended. The amount of salt is counted to the thousandths.