Work activities
Jobs for tramps

Jobs for tramps

Jobs for tramps

In this section, the youngest resident of the Clone Earth, a Rogue clone, can find a job, provided he is the only clone on the account.

Your clone can receive three types of assignments - for the servant, for the slaughterer and for the builder.

Table Vagrant Labor Activities

Parameter/Task typeFor the ServantsFor the Slaughterman.For the Builder
Your employerInhabitants of the Land of ClonesMeat factoryInhabitants of the Land of Clones
Required clone statusTramp (the only clone on the account)Tramp (the only clone on the account)Tramp (the only clone on the account)
It is necessary to have-At least 1 unit of butcher knowledgeAt least 10 experience units.
Time to complete one task60 minutes15 minutes60 minutes
Amount of payment per taskEstablished by the employer0,0001Established by the employer
Source of paymentThe master of the house set the fund and price of the task for the servantsPlayers delivered chickens, pigs, or cattle to the Meat Factory for processingThe owner of the house under construction set the fund and the price of the task for the builders
Can be combined with other types of tasks+++
Can be combined with work at state enterprises+--
Max. workforce1000
The way to get jobsAutomaticallyAutomaticallyAutomatically

Butcher's knowledge can be obtained by exchanging experience for them. Experience can be earned by getting a part-time job at one of the state-owned enterprises:

Receiving Jobs

In order to get any job, Tramp needs to get on the job queue: available directly from the job page. Further your participation is not required - the clone takes them independently and proceeds to execution - even when you are not at your computer. You sleep - the clone works!

You can do one task from each group at a time.

Warning. The clone will start to perform tasks after 24 hours, because he needs time to learn how to perform these types of tasks at the highest level and to please customers with the result of his work.

Payment for the work performed will be credited to your game account immediately after completion of the task.

Additional features

"Tramp" may engage in the following activities:

  • Receive shelter and material aid daily at the Shelter. Read more
  • Grow flowers on the plot at their dugout and then sell them at the Fair. Read more