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Clones of Artisan and higher social status can work at the university. Each position requires a certain number of units of prudence.

Terms of employment

The clone requires a working tool to work:

  • Pen (for all posts).

A clone can only hold one position at a given company. Work at the University can be combined with work at other state enterprises (except the Meat Factory).

Craftsmen and clones of higher status begin their careers at the University with the position of "Assistant". If you meet the requirements for a higher position, the clone will automatically be promoted to that position.

While working in this enterprise, the clone consumes one standard of endurance according to his social status. If a clone combines several jobs, the stamina consumption is summed up for all jobs. If a clone lacks the stamina to perform his duties, he will fail and thus will not receive pay and experience units. In this case, the strength of the tool is not consumed, and a reprimand is entered in the personal work book. If an employee is reprimanded for three consecutive days in a given position, he or she will be fired.

You may resign from the University at any time of your choosing.

Employment peculiarity: on the first working day, as well as on the day of promotion, the clone does not receive a salary (no tools or stamina are spent).

Obtaining a teaching license

All faculty members at the University (professors, deans, vice chancellors, and provosts) require a teaching license to work. There are four types of licenses in total:

  • Licensed to teach "Prudence" (issued free of charge and automatically upon employment).
  • License to teach geology (available upon request).
  • License to teach jewelry (available upon request).
  • License to teach fist fighting (not issued at this time).

Residents of Clone Earth pay a state fee when receiving an education at the University. Teachers with some form of teaching license receive payments from appropriate funds generated by the state.

It is possible to purchase all types of licenses (of those available), then the teacher will receive a cash payment for each area of study (if the corresponding fund is greater than 0).

A license to teach rigging practice is not required for the instructor (nor is employment with the University, for that matter). To receive bonuses from the Captains' Fund, it is sufficient that the clone's rigging practice score is at least 100 units.

Amount of salary

All University employees are paid on a daily basis at settlement time (after 00:00 GMT) in one installment for each area of study for which they are licensed - an additional bonus.

Also, your clone will be credited daily experience units, their number depends on the position held.

For detailed information on each position, see the company page (hover over the job title).

Faculty members (professors, deans, provosts, and chancellors) may also teach reasoning and rigging in general classes. Payment for the hours of instruction sold goes immediately to the instructor's game account, minus a state fee of 0.15 gold coins for each hour sold.

Additional bonus

University employees may receive bonuses. The size of the bonus depends on the amount of "Judgment" a clone has. The more "Judgment" units, the higher his bonus will be. If a clone does not have enough knowledge to receive the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), the clone will not receive a bonus that day.

You can acquire "Judgment" by exchanging "Experience" or "Charisma" for it at the University. Read more

Every day, the state contributes to the University's award fund:

  • 0.065 gold coin, from the state fee charged to the teachers for each hour of instruction in prudence sold.
  • 40% - from the state duty in gold coins, paid by the princes when improving the enterprise "University" in their principalities.
  • 10% of the cost of any special education at the University for residents of Clone Earth.
  • 5% - of the difference between the par value of the security and the value of its sale at the Securities Auction (in the case of sale for gold coins only).

At the end of each business day, the University's accumulated bonus fund is paid in two installments:

  • 60% of the fund to all teachers, in proportion to the amount of "Judgment" of each clone.
  • 40% of the fund to all Assistants and Senior Assistants, in proportion to the amount of "Judgment" of each clone.

In addition, the state contributes to the University's geology and jewelry faculty funds on a daily basis:

  • 30% of the cost of Clone Earth residents receiving a Geologist education at the University.
  • 30% of the cost of Clone Earth residents receiving the Jeweler education at the University.

Each of these funds is paid daily to all licensed faculty members in proportion to the number of Prudence.

Number of jobs and promotions

Each position has a different number of job openings. This amount is calculated according to the following rules:

  • There is no limit to the number of jobs for the assistant position.
  • There is no limit to the number of jobs for the Senior Assistant position.
  • There is no limit to the number of faculty positions.
  • The number of jobs for the Dean's position is limited to 9.
  • The number of jobs for the position of provost is limited to 3.
  • The number of rector jobs is limited to 1.

The opening of new positions does not automatically happen. A transfer from one position to another occurs at settlement time (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, during the working day one or more of the already occupied positions may become vacant (if the clone resigns or is dismissed for other reasons). In this case, the company will display available seats.

To hold the position of dean, your clone must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the necessary social status (or higher).
  • Have "Judgment" more than the worst employee in the position.

If your clone has taken a position as an assistant, senior assistant, or professor, it will remain in that position until it resigns or is dismissed for lack of stamina or tools. Deans, Vice Chancellors, and the Provost may be ousted to a lower position by a stronger challenger (by the amount of judgment).

For teachers

You don't have to get a job at a university to teach "rigging practice." If your rigging knowledge level is 100 or higher, then your name will automatically appear in the list of rigging teachers.

Teachers can set the cost of their "academic hour" between 0.2 gold and 0.9999 gold under Jobs - State Enterprises - University - Rates. The default cost for an academic hour is 1 gold.

For more information about teaching characteristics, see the relevant Help section, "Game Character" → "Characteristics" → "Teaching Characteristics". Read more